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But for me, the pressure isn't there as much, particularly for the glans, so anal physically feels less stimulating because of that.

Couldn't get the angles to work very well and despite many attempts with various stages of drunkenness and lube, it seemed to hurt my partner and do absolutely nothing for me. It starts out a bit tight, but as you get into it, it relaxes more and loosens a bit.

The pressure and sensations can be amazing as the muscles contract and loosen repeatedly. Some of the most intense orgasms I've had have been via anal.

I wouldn't want anal over PIV all the time but its a nice change up sometimes.

It's tighter in general than a vagina and the position is different have to be a little higher or angle higher for me to get it in for instance. It does feel different too since the texture is not like a vagina.

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It's not a huge reason to desire it over vaginal. Initial penetration is also much more exciting as passing the outer sphincter is more intense than inserting into a vagina. Friction is also 'adjustable' with anal depending on the quantity and type of lubrication whereas with vaginal, it's dictated by vaginal lubrication assuming additional is not needed.

Plus there's the social taboo. Anal isn't quite mainstream but it's made great strides in that regard in the last couple decades which adds some mental stimulation too.

  Healthy Sleep Awards: Top Sleep Products Of You're certainly not alone in questioning what the heck anal sex feels like-and wondering if it's territory worth cienciapaladina.comted Reading Time: 5 mins Anal sex requires good communication and a lot of time spent trying different angles and positions to find what feels good for both of you. All of this talk and play can up the intimacy between   1 of 7. "Anal sex feels like someone is stimulating every erogenous part of my body. It's like trying to squeeze out the last of your good moisturizer and getting a satisfying squirt perfect

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Feels good anal sex

Created for From Cosmopolitan for Created by Cosmopolitan for. Daniel Day. What does anal feel like compared to vaginal sex? Anatoliy Sizov. Cosmopolitan UK. Yulia Reznikov.

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What does anal sex feel like? You might discover that anal, perhaps a previously unexplored area, feels fantastic, and can then bring that knowledge into sex with a partner.

Masturbation is a great way to figure out what you like and what feels good. You might discover that anal, 'When you finish an anal sex session, it is good to clean up in the same way you   Good anal play starts with toys. Buy high-quality Most guys know the underside of the penis feels good when stimulated. Anal sex is always the subject my Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins   It's impossible to say exactly what anal sex feels like. So many factors, from someone's anatomy to their sexual experience, play a role. To answer the question the best we can, we'll look Author: Adrienne Santos-Longhurst

Or you might try it solo, hate the sensation, and decide against it. For many people, anal stimulation feels absolutely wonderful, thanks to nerve endings throughout the region.

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With adequate dilation and lubrication, anal sex both alone or with another person can be an extremely pleasant experience. As long as you are doing something you want to do or try, you are in control.

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It is important for it to be a joyful experience, and for you to feel at ease about the process. Once aroused, you can think about moving towards penetration, if that is what you want to do.

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An important thing to note: you should only put things in your anus that are designed to be put in there. While the vagina has natural lubrication, the anus does not.

Why women actually enjoy anal sex

Poo comes out of your anus. Accept that, move on. At first it is very intense, overwhelming, and a bit painful, and I enjoy all of those sensations.

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Next, I really enjoy the moment where my body decides to accept it. I will pretty much orgasm at that moment, especially when masturbating. Then the deep pressure starts to feel just like a G-spot sort of orgasm.

Lube, lube, lube, warm it up, work your way up from small butt plugs, then ram away. But the long strokes when he pulls out is best for me. It always seemed like it was just painful for women, and for men only the prostate made it worth it.

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So, the key is to use a lot of lube. Your body has a natural reflex to push things out of there, not suck them in.

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So I take deep breaths and exhale while he pushes himself inside of me I really enjoy it. I can orgasm doing it and I have an all-around great time.

  "Anal sex feels great, although not greater than vaginal sex to any exponential degree. There's more pressure on your penis, which provides more stimulation for it   Anal feels different but not in a good vaginal way. Just different. I can't explain it more than: vagina feels really good wrapped around my dick and anal, well it's OK if that's what she's into."   If you haven't tried anal sex, you might be curious what it feels like. Here, 12 men who've tried it explain the sensation of anal sex-and why it feels so cienciapaladina.comted Reading Time: 6 mins

It feels like what it sounds like; having an object in your ass. I only do anal for my bf.

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It honestly gives me no pleasure.

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