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The causes of anal itching are often related to skin or internal medical issues. Skin-related causes of an itchy anus include: atopic dermatitis, a form of eczema excess friction to the anal area, Author: Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA   Anal itching or pruritus ani is a problem that affects both men and women and occurs at any age. It's the irritation to itching or scratch around and near the anus that is a way for feces or bowel   Itching of the vulva - the opening to the vagina, clitoris, outer and inner lips and the skin in the area between the vagina and the anus - is known medically as pruritus vulvae. Usually it's not serious but if it's frequent and persistent, it's important to get it checked out. Causes of itchy genitals in women

Your doctor may be able to diagnose the cause of your itching simply by asking you questions about your symptoms, medical history and personal care habits. If pinworms are suspected, your doctor may suggest doing a test for pinworms. You may also need a physical exam, including a digital rectal exam.

If the cause of your itching isn't obvious or it doesn't respond to initial treatment, your doctor may refer you to a skin specialist dermatologist. It's possible the cause of the itching may never be identified. Treatment of anal itching depends on the cause of the problem. It may include taking self-care measures such as nocienciapaladina.comescription anti-itch cream or treating an infection or hemorrhoids. If your symptoms are worse at night, an oral antihistamine might help until an anti-itch cream takes effect.

With proper care most people experience relief from anal itching.

Anus itch? Causes and how to stop it!

See your doctor if the itching persists. Prevention of anal itching mainly involves a careful washing routine that keeps the area clean, cool and dry, while avoiding further irritating the skin.

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Cleanse gently. Clean the area around the anus with plain water or mild soap and a soft nonterry washcloth once daily.

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Avoid scrubbing. Pat dry or use a hair dryer set on low. If you have fecal incontinence or diarrhea, clean the area around the anus with moist cotton balls or a squirt bottle of plain water.

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It can sometimes simply be due to irritation from chemicals found in:. You may also experience hormonal changes around pregnancy, breastfeeding and the menopause, which can affect the delicate vulval skin. See a doctor if the itching is frequent and persistent or accompanied by other unexplained symptoms such as a rash or discharge.

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This is very important because a lot of the symptoms of minor conditions can be very similar to those of serious conditions such as vulval cancer. The earlier any condition is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat.

Treatments for an itchy vulva will vary, according to the cause.

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They may include lifestyle changes such as avoiding anything that may be causing an allergic reaction and self-care such as:. We use cookies to help provide the best experience on our website. Nav Open Icon. Health articles Chevron Icon. Featured topics. Symptom checker. Editorial standards.

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Table of Contents. Anal itching questionnaire Use our free symptom checker to find out what's causing your itch. Itchy anus?

your symptoms explained Anal itching is probably not a common topic of conversation; however, this symptom can be bothersome and impossible to ignore.

Common characteristics of anal itching If you're experiencing anal itching, it can likely be described by: Itching around the anus Burning Pain from traumatized skin Soreness How is anal itching diagnosed? Dermatitis : There are several skin conditions that can cause itchy skin anywhere on the body, including the anus. If you've already been diagnosed with dermatitis or psoriasis, this is the most probable cause of your itching.

Female anal itching

Hygiene: If you wash too much, you could be drying out the skin, leading to itching. If you're not washing enough, stool buildup can also cause itching. Infectious causes Anal itching may be due to an infection, such as the following.

pruritus ani is a dermatological condition characterized by itching in the anal area. The itching may become worse at night or after a bowel movement. Scratching the area results in further irritation and makes the itching worse instead of relieving it. Scratching with the fingernails may result in skin damage or an infection. If the itch-scratch cycle persists, it can lead to extreme discomfort, soreness, and burning

Parasitic: There are a variety of parasitic infections that can cause anal itching symptoms, such as pinworms, a common intestinal parasite. Sexually transmitted: Certain sexually transmitted infections and diseases can lead to anal itching.

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Genital warts are one. Other conditions Certain conditions can result in anal itching. Diabetes: Candidiasis is linked to diabetes, which can cause itching. Patients with diabetes can also experience anal itching without candidiasis.

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Inflammatory bowel syndrome: The causes of inflammatory bowel syndrome and anal itching are sometimes the same. Dietary causes Certain dietary habits may result in anal itching. Irritants: Certain foods, like dairy products, spicy foods, and nuts, can irritate skin during bowel movements. Itching may occur as the skin heals. Eating habits: Poor eating habits can lead to constipation.

Hemorrhoids can develop as a result of itching. Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are swollen veins in your anus and lower rectum that can cause pain, itching, and rectal bleeding.

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Hemorrhoids are common occurring in 10 million Am. Chronic or recurrent hemorrhoids Chronic, or recurrent, hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anus and rectum that never really resolve and may be symptomatic more or less constantly.

Most susceptible are pregnant women and older people, though anyone can be affected.

  Anal itching is itching around the anus. Examples of possible causes of anal itching include hemorrhoids, anal fissures, pinworms (Enterobius vermicularis), spicy foods, and medications. Additional symptoms associated with anal itching include burning and pain if the anal Author: Jay W. Marks, MD Image credit: PixelsEffect/Getty Images Pruritus ani is the medical term for intense anal itching. Anal itching is a symptom and not a disease in itself. Many people feel embarrassed to seek help, Author: Markus Macgill   Anal itching, also known as pruritus ani, can sometimes be just a normal itch. If you're experiencing itchiness on a regular basis, there could be a more serious cause to consider. Common characteristics of anal itching. If you're experiencing anal itching, it can likely be described by: Itching around the anus; Burning; Pain from traumatized skin; SorenessEstimated Reading Time: 7 mins

Diagnosis is made through patient history and physical examination. Rarity: Common Top Symptoms: rectal bleeding, rectal pain, pain when passing stools, anal itching, painless rectal bleeding Symptoms that never occur with chronic or recurrent hemorrhoids: unintentional weight loss Urgency: Self-treatment Allergic contact dermatitis of the butt Allergic contact dermatitis is a condition in which the skin becomes irritated and inflamed following physical contact with an allergen.

Rarity: Common Top Symptoms: butt itch, butt redness, scabbed area of the butt Symptoms that always occur with allergic contact dermatitis of the butt: butt redness Urgency: Self-treatment Pinworm infection Pinworm infection, also known as Enterobiasis, is the most common worm infection in the United States. Rarity: Rare Top Symptoms: anal itching, constant but weak urination stream Symptoms that never occur with pinworm infection: constant but weak urination stream Urgency: Primary care doctor Dermatofibroma A dermatofibroma is a common skin growth that usually appears on the lower legs, but may appear anywhere on the body.

Symptoms include a hard, raised growth that is red, pink. Yeast infection Yeast infections are due to alterations in the balance of microscopic organisms in the vulvar and vaginal regions.

Symptoms include itching of the vaginal and vulva, burning, redness. Anal cancer Most anal cancers are linked to the human papilloma virus, or HPV. Rarity: Rare Top Symptoms: abdominal pain stomach achestool changes, constipation, diarrhea, pain when passing stools Urgency: Primary care doctor. At-home and professional treatment for anal itching For most people, anal itching is nothing more than an embarrassing nuisance. When to see a doctor for anal itching Schedule an appointment sooner than later if you're experiencing any of the following along with anal itching: Anal bleeding Signs of infection or severe pain Persistent itching with no obvious cause Intense swelling or dark bruising around the area At-home treatments for anal itching There are several treatments and preventative measures you can try at home to relieve anal itching.

Thorough cleansing: After bowel movements, use water to cleanse the area instead of toilet paper, which can further irritate broken skin. Make sure to dry thoroughly using a clean towel.

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