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A year-old Georgia boy has been charged with a felony for allegedly secretly recording a video of two other teen students in the middle of sex in a school bathroom last week, PEOPLE confirms

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Sure we know it contains sperm, but what else is in there? Why does it look and smell different sometimes, and is it just a myth that it's great for your skin?

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To answer these and other questions, we talked to a men's health specialist, who shared some seriously fascinating facts. Semen and sperm are not the same thing.

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Sperm are tadpole-shaped, microscopic cells that are part of semen. Their job is to fertilize an egg inside your body, and to get there, they're carried along by fluid that's produced by different male sex organs.

Reitano says that sperm contains vitamin CB12, ascorbic acid, calcium, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, zinc, potassium, sodium, fat, and hundreds of different proteins. What about the calorie count?

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The average amount of semen released during ejaculation averages between two and five ml, the equivalent of about one teaspoon. But this stuff pack a punch-there are nearly 15 million to million sperm in an average milliliter of semen. True, men can produce sperm throughout their entire lives.

The Man With The 'World's Largest Penis' Admits To Wearing Tight Pants In Public To Shock People. Stacey Ritzen Twitter News & Culture Writer. August 15, Jonah Falcon, haver of the It has actual nutrients. Dr. Reitano says that sperm contains vitamin C, B12, ascorbic acid, calcium, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, zinc, potassium, sodium, fat, and hundreds of It was posted by a teenager. Chief Dyer says in addition to tracking down and charging the four suspects they're working to see if that teen could face criminal charges

Reitano says that according to one study, sperm produced by men over age 52 were more likely to be abnormal than the sperm of younger men. Young guys also produce more sperm per ejaculation. RELATED: 12 Things You Should Know About Your Guy's Fertility.

Precum, or the pre-ejaculate fluid that comes out of a man's penis when he's turned on, contains barely any viable sperm. Reitano says.

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Men are considered infertile if they have too little sperm, so the tiny amounts that may be found in pre-ejaculate are extremely unlikely to result in pregnancy.

So what's the point of precum? It's nature's lube, in part.

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Stinky semen could be indicative of a larger issue. What is semen supposed to smell like? RELATED: Boxers vs.

Briefs: Which One Is Really Better for Sperm Count? Sperm can live up to five days inside a woman's reproductive tract, just waiting for that egg to appear so they can fertilize it and do what nature intends them to do.

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The sperm dies when that occurs.

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