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Waist-Hip Ratio: The ratio of the circumference of the waist to that of the hips measured at the widest portion of the buttocks.

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Used as both an indicator of health and attractiveness. Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Entertainment Digital Issues Shopping SC tv.

Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter What's hot. Your August Horoscope Gives Off Major Main Character Gemini, Your August Horoscope Includes The Sexiest Pisces, Your August Horoscope Encourages Productivity Scorpio, Your August Horoscope Says It's Time To Get Aquarius, Your August Horoscope Is Allllll About Relationships Anus: The external opening of the rectum.

stick, crosier, crook, staff, lacrosse stick. le cul noun. ass, rump, fanny, prat, arse. le megot noun. stub, cigarette end, stump, cigar butt. la butte noun How to say ass in French. ass. French Translation. cul. More French words for ass. le cul noun. butt, rump, fanny, prat, arse. le ane noun Here's a list of translations. French Translation. connard. More French words for asshole. le con noun. cunt, prick, pussy, twat, bugger. le idiot noun

Apple Bottom: A slang term for a woman with a large, round ass. Also a popular swear word. Backdoor: A slang term for the anus.

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Back Pack: A slang term for a woman with a large butt. Bony Ass: A flat butt. Booty: American slang for buttocks.

Booty Shorts: Very short, shorts, most often worn by women. Bum: Slang for butt, most commonly used in the U. Butt Acne: Acne found on the buttocks region. Butt Augmentation: Plastic surgery to change or enhance the butt.

Butt Cheeks: The two sides of the buttocks. Derriere: Originating from French, this is substitute for the word butt.

Donk: A slang term used to describe a round, attractive, butt. Ghetto Booty: A slang term used to describe a woman with a large butt.

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Glutes: Muscles in the butt. Patootie: A word used to substitute for butt with a nice connotation.

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FluentU is a convenient and natural way to pick up expressions and idioms commonly used by native speakers. After watching the videos, you can also add those terms to the in-app vocab list or flashcard set, and possibly quiz yourself later on to put your French knowledge to the test.

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Check out these features for yourself by signing up for a free trial. Ras le cul de toutes ces regles de grammaire francaise!

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Once again, this expression is quite colloquial and crude. Do you see the resemblance?

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Ras le cul des bouches en cul de poule sur les selfies! The French have other words that could be used to describe those types of gestures too, but oddly they can only see the butt-BLEEP of a chicken instead.

Oh, how the French love their chickens. And my butt, is it made of chicken? Oui, oui!

  8. Badunkadonk: A slang word for a female butt which is extremely large in comparison to her body. 9. Belfie: A selfie of one's butt. Bony Ass: A flat butt. Booty: American slang for Author: Leah Bourne How to say smart ass in French. smart ass. French Translation. petit malin. More French words for smart ass. cul intelligent. smart ass. Find more words! It's "vilain" or if it's naughty in a sexual way, it's "coquin". "The naughty boy broke his sister's toy" translates to "Le vilain garcon a casse le jouet de sa soeur". "A kinky game" translates to "Un jeu coquin". Both these words are masculine

Yes, yes! Because the French know how to make anything taste good.

English idiom equivalent to avoir le cul borde nouilles? You got a raise today?

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Lucky you! Who is L ulu? I dropped my keys in the gutter, dang!

Ever laugh so hard you fall over and roll around the floor? It happens to the best of us, and Americans have invented acronyms for these scenarios such as ROFL and LMAO.

French word for ass

How about ROFLMAO? You get the picture if you grew up with AOL. Why a bouncing butt?

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Elle est coincee du cul ou quoi? Is she a snob or what?

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I went to the street market, and there were a lot of rednecks. If you like shopping, you might have partly seen this word before.

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Does faux fur ring a bell? Plus faux cul que ca et tu meurs!

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And if you assumed that this phrase was referring to you, then maybe it does fit.

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