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Contrary to popular belief, Autobots very rarely enjoy intercourse in their humanoid form. In more conservative Autobot communities, sex in humanoid form is considered strictly taboo, and sometimes even perverse. More liberal autobots also acknowledge that while intercourse in humanoid form is possible, it's very rarely practiced. The precise reasons why are still unclear to autobot sexuologists. It has long been an established fact among autobot sexuologists, that autobot intercourse is always performed in auto-state, that is, autobots will always transform into cars before engaging in sexual congress.

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The process of intercourse is then a simple matter of parking relatively close to one another. Autobot intercourse can last anywhere from 5 minutes to several days sometimes leading to a multitude of parking violations.

It's sometimes accompanied by vocal exclamations or the revving of the autobots' engines. The following images are taken from the authoritative works on Autobot sexual behavior: Alfred Kinsey's Sexual Behavior in the Autobot Male and Sexual Behavior in the Autobot Femalefrom an respectively. They are intended to give the reader an idea of what autobot intercourse looks like so that perhaps, it might be recognized more often as the beautiful expression of autobot love that it is.

Like humans, Autobots have sex recreationally more often than functionally, which has led to an immense market for autobot erotica and pornography.

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It is estimated that of all websites with the. ab top-level domain websites reserved for autobots and autobot culture approximately two thirds are pornographic in nature. Autobot pornographic culture is as diverse as its human equivalent and tends to be aimed largely toward male autobots.

Many genres and subgenres exist, sometimes known as niches or fetishes. Some examples:. The human interest in Autobot sexual behavior, has created turbulence in Autobot Culture itself.

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Before the rise of Autobot Sexuology, sex was largely a taboo subject among the otherwise open-minded Autobots. Human research into the subject, especially by "mecha erotica" researchers and fangirls, has slowly forced discussion on the subject. So much even that these days, Sex Education is an obligatory part of any Autobot high school curriculum and any Autobot doctor will have in his waiting room a large selection of leaflets and brochures concerning various sexual topics, such as venereal diseases and teenage Autobot pregnancy.

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A recent study by the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore concluded that, in tests where men interacted with both male- Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins

Navigation menu Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Namespaces Article Talk. Most notably, Megatron Origin featured a particularly high number of such cameos, including CrasherElita OneChromiaand various generics. James Roberts teased the possibility of transgender Transformers for some years, [17] before finally using the concept to explain these cameos in otherwise incompatible situations.

Occasionally, Cybertronians, such as those members of the off-world Primal Vanguar would encounter gendered aliens, with some choosing to adopt female pronouns and, occasionally, body-types after feeling that they fit them better. From this revelation, we got Anode and her partner Lug : the first two definitively, canonically, transgender Transformer characters. Around this time, Robots in Disguise author John Barber would delve deeper into Arcee's original backstory, dropping several hints that Arcee had, at least to some extent, consented to Jhiaxus's gender experiments due to identity issues of her own; the final issue of the original IDW universe would eventually confirm that she, too, had always been transgender, and that she had deliberately sought the services of Jhiaxus, not seeing the mad scientist for what he was, to help her transition.

Cy-Kill considered female Cybertronians to be little more than "window dressing" considering what a big deal some people made of them as opposed to female GoBots who were an equal, and essential, part of Cy-Kill's various evil plans.

Renegade Rhetoric 212 January As a result of changing attitudes in both the Transformers fandom and the real-world pop culture landscape, the comic reboot has largely done away with the convoluted retcons and leaps of logic necessary to increase inclusion of female Transformers in the later years of its predecessor, choosing to instead depict female Cybertronians of all shapes and sizes as an accepted, normal part of Cybertronian civilization.

Female Cybertronians constitute a large percentage of this continuity's ensemble cast. Both Windblade and Chromia return as major characters; new female characters introduced to the mythos include TermagaxLeviathanCodexaAcceleratorand Gauge.

Meanwhile, SlipstreamShadow Strikerand Strongarm make the leap from other continuities to recurring roles in G1-based media. The same can be said for previously-obscure G1 characters Vibes and Flamewar.

Female Transformers seem to be common here, with no one showing any surprise over their presence. Blackarachnia and Airazor both engage in romances with male Maximalsthe former blatantly and the latter far more subtly.

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Transmutate is genderless but deliberately given "a face that vaguely indicates it is female" in script. Airazor was made female by the writer's insistence.

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Some male Transformers, such as Waspinator and Infernopossess beast modes based off eusocial insects that would be biologically female, though this does not seem to affect their gender identity.

Silverbolt has an old-school human-style view of women as a fairer and more vulnerable gender, as he refuses to fight Blackarachnia out of lust chivalry. Tangled Web Bad Spark Most of the other Transformers seem unconcerned about this but Optimus Primal sees it as part of his nobility. The Agenda Part 2 Blackarachnia herself used to find it bloody annoyingbeating up Silverbolt to try and get him to fight back already.

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Bad Spark She is eventually won over when he keeps following her and telling her what she's really like when she yells at him to go away. The Agenda Part 2 The Agenda Part III Some Transformers have another old-school human view, considered those strange fillies to be quite inscrutable: Quickstrike and Tarantulas being two. Tangled Web. For the purposes of humor, over the course of the show characters will make innuendos that suggest that, at least by that era, there may have been something sex-like between Transformers.

Cheetor dismays Blackarachnia with teenage slobbering, Crossing the Rubicon she flirts with him regarding his body for info, Feral Scream Part 2 Megatron is blunt that he knows Tarantulas had "ulterior motives" for making her a spider, Double Jeopardy Blackarachnia is involved in a castration joke Nemesis Part 2. Throughout the show Rattrap makes numerous innuendos, especially involving Silverbolt and Blackarachnia's relationship, including the rather seedy "find any new positions?

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The Agenda Part 2 He also makes references to a bar on Cybertron where the wait-staff go "without their torso-plates on" which frankly sounds like it'd be really messy. He didn't want young Cheetor to overhear this. The Agenda Part 1.

Scylla is the impetus for a big ridiculous love triangle of hilarity and embarrassment in both the anime and manga continuities. She is in love with the squid-bot Scubawho wants nothing to do with her. Meanwhile, the Maximal Bighorn is in love with Scylla, who wants nothing to do with him. The non-Transformer female robot Artemis harbors a crush on both Scuba poor guy and Starscream.

The young Maximal Stampy has a mother. The actual genetics of this was not explained, but we also see a picture of a rabbit with a mustache on the wall behind her, implying a father and sexual reproduction. Just how in the hell an entire planet-wide race of breeding rabbit-robots arose from Tasmania Ki who was a Tasmanian devil, is also never explained.

Later, it was explained and it very much was sexual reproduction. Andromeda - Axiom Nexus News Reporter. In the spin-off comics, Manta Ray and Sonar are female Transformers, though the latter was previously established in the 3H Productions The Wreckers comic.

Neither character was specifically given a gender in their toy bios and this was seized upon as a way to get extra women in. Rattrap and Botanica end up in a romantic relationship towards the end of Beast Machines "So, I'm a tree-hugger! What this means for his bar-hopping days is never explored.


Innuendo makes a big return when Botanica and Rattrap argue about whether he'd rather insert his tail into a computer or be "plowing your little field of dreams". Spark of Darkness Yeah. The Vehicon general Strika is referred to as the "consort" of Obsidianand has been serving by his side, seemingly as an equal, for centuries. Some have taken this to mean the two have a romantic interest in each other, but the show itself does not offer any hints to this.

This is the first time in Transformers fiction where a female robot has a high rank; where Elita One got to run a small rebel group, we're told Strika is a famous officer who has overseen and won numerous wars.

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Sparkwar Pt. I: The Strike. Story editor Bob Skir also wanted main character Nightscream to be a young female Transformer, patterned after the girl "Newt" from the movie Aliens. When the Powers That Be nixed that, Nightscream ended up becoming John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day instead.

Female Transformers are seemingly rare in the Viron universal cluster as none appear on-screen, if one doesn't count the female Cybertronian intelligence computer, T-AI. We know they have gender and gender relations due to both the aforementioned T-AI and Side Burn's obsessive lust for red sports cars.

He was even able to plausibly pretend he had old girlfriend cars in " Sideburn's Obsession ", only getting tripped up by lying it was on Earth.

InAsk Vector Prime said that the Spy Changer Optimus Prime from Viron The existence of female Transformers throughout the Unicron Trilogy is portrayed as slightly uncommon it is a fiction aimed at young boys, after allbut hardly remarkable. They just exist, as do "males", and no special attention is called to them. Quite a few appear in various places in " civilian " roles, as nursesand even on colony worlds.

There are examples and hints of romantic interest between males and females in both Armada Redline and Falcia in the Linkage comicsplus Nightscream 's eagerness to appease and defend his Bulk partner Airazorand Cybertron stories most obviously Thunderblast 's intense infatuation with MegatronRansack's secret crush on Overrideplus Downshift reportedly has an unnamed "fembot life partner" lost somewhere on Earth. This too is treated as a fairly common event. There are female Transformers in positions of very high power as well: in the Energon cartoonArcee is the leader of the entire Omnicon race, while in CybertronOverride is the leader of the planet Velocitron.

The Unicron Trilogy is the first Transformers continuity to explicitly give female Transformers that level of responsibility but the only other one so far does so via a direct analogue of Cybertron see the "Aligned" continuity below for more on that. However, in the original Japanese, Override called Nitro Convoy is a male Transformer.

Cartoon Networkthe channel with the airing rights to the dub, felt it needed more female presence in the main cast and Override was chosen to change genders. In the French version of the Energon cartoon, Arcee is dubbed by a man. Why she was is currently unknown. Arcee was originally going to be featured as part of the cast of the Transformers filmbut was cut early on in the movie's development.

The script writers felt they would need to explain the presence of a female in an entirely robotic race, and there was not enough time in the film to do so.

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Arcee was replaced in the movie by Ironhide. Even so, Arcee was featured in IDW's Movie Prequel comics and remains in the movie toyline as both Deluxe and Scout-class toys. One other female Autobot is featured in the movie continuity family, another Scout-class toy, Elita-One. Both Elita and Arcee, however, are featured in Titan Magazine's alternate reality stories as regular characters, with Arcee getting more prominence.

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Both also appear in IDW's Movie Sequel comic series The Reign of Starscreamwith Arcee playing quite a prominent leadership role. Surprisingly, Elita-One does not fare as well as her sister-in-arms, dying at the claws of Starscream himself.

Although it is unusual for a female Transformer to die in fiction compared to how often Transformer death happens in generalit has happened before. As for Decepticons, Fracturebased off of the aforementioned Crasher, was recently added to the end of the movie toyline as a Wal-mart exclusive.

She has been featured in Titan Magazine's comics, as of issue 18, and in IDW's Alliance series as of issue 3. After Titan's first volume, the female characters were seen less and less. When a reader asked why in 4 of the third volumeeditor Rona Simpson broke character in the letters page and admitted: "This is something we would love to change, but for the moment, the 'mech' figures are more popular and our hands are tied.

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In the Tyran cluster seem possible the romantic relationships between male and female robots; an example are Optimus Prime and the aforementioned Elita. David Reeve in the IDW's prequel comics refers to Diabla as Bumblebee 's girlfriend.

The Female Autobots are a team with a rather self-explanatory designation from the cartoon portion of the Generation 1 continuity family. Amazon Autobots on Beta Moon? The Female Autobots are a team of female Autobots. They are also known as the Shield of Solus and sometimes combine into Orthia The appearance of female Transformers in most continuities would seem to suggest a level of "sexual" dimorphism is present in at least the more humanoid members of the Transformers species (the term sexual is used in a gender-based, rather than physical sense, see the reproduction link above for that whole kettle of robo-fish) Autobot Intercourse Ever since the discovery of the female autobot in , questions have been raised regarding the mating habits of the autobot. In the German University of Stuttgart was the first to acknowledge this new academic field, and in a controversial move, created the first Faculty of Autobot

Although Bee seems to deny the relationship, their past together on Cybertron and Bumblebee's impetous rage after realizing Diabla's death, allow to intend the exact opposite. In all the comics where female Transformers do appear in the Movie continuity, their gender is never considered an issue.

This raises questions about just how necessary "explaining" them would be in future movies. And apparently, two years later gender was no longer an issue at all, as Revenge of the Fallen featured Arceewho now inexplicably existed in three separate bodies, as well as Alicea Decepticon Pretender. No comment was given on the subject of the characters' femininity. Frankly, not explaining Pretenders is a bigger oversight than not explaining robot gender.

The Last Knight introduces Quintessaa female robot and also the first female main antagonist but none seem to be surprised. However, this could be explained by the possibly not-Cybertronian nature of Quintessa.

The prequel film Bumblebee features a cameo appearance by Arcee in the first scenes of the movie, while Shatter has a bigger role as main antagonist. Female Transformers were present in Transformers Animated from the very beginning of the cartoon, starting with Blackarachnia. What this meant for the state of females in the continuity at large was not immediately apparent; in " Along Came a Spider ", both Bulkhead and Bumblebee expressed confusion as to what Blackarachnia was.

Though they were referring to her partially organic nature, Sari jokes "Duh, she's a girl" as a nod to the rarity of female Transformers. As the series proceeded, multiple lady-bots were progressively introduced, among which were a female clone of Starscreamthe obligatory Arcee and many more.

Although they remain distinctly outnumbered by the male Transformers, this makes it clear that while female Transformers may be relatively uncommon, they aren't considered very remarkable or noteworthy-unless you're a young, male Autobot who's spent waaaaayy too much time fixing space bridges. Despite Optimus's confusion over where organic babies come from in " Transform and Roll Out ", implying that there is no Cybertronian equivalent to sexual reproduction in Animate Transformer relationships are implied to be a possibility, as in " Along Came a Spider " and " Black Friday ", respectively, Blackarachnia takes advantage of Bulkhead 's and the Dinobots ' obvious interest in her, especially Grimlock 's.

There's also the fact that Strika is said to be the "consort" of Lugnut. Ratchet 's role as the Autobot medical officer was originally supposed to be assigned to a character named Red Alertwho was originally designed as a female, but then turned male.

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When brought in at the start of Season 3, Red Alert was female once again as an homage to the original design. Because Sari was originally a Cybertronian protoform, she could be considered a female technorganic Transformer, although her origins were not revealed until Season 3.

Thought to have been destroyed in a battle that occurred just before the Transformers ended up on Earth, the female Autobots continued the fight on Cybertron PARODY of G1 Transformers season 2 episode "The Search for Alpha Trion"Megatron has been contacted by a mysterious being known as "The Beautiful One". Shockw "Yes, we exist. And we always will." - Chromia This is my little shoutout to the Female Autobots. None of the art belongs to me. I hope you all enjoy. - Frie

While in most universes the number of females on the side of good is significantly larger than the number on the side of evil, this universe has more evil ladies as a result of its status as a mirror universe.

The first two introduced were Arcee and Crasher -an evil Autobot and a good Decepticon respectively-but since then the balance has tilted. It would seem that female Transformers in this universe are as they are in most: few in numbers, but nothing remarkable.

Crasher appeared bewildered when Cliffjumper who hails from a Marvel Comics-derived universe tried to tell her that he thought her feminine shape was unusual, and no one else seems to regard the females as something noteworthy.

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One-thirteenth of Cybertron's population identify as female, and are descended from Solus Prime. In The Covenant of PrimusAlpha Trion expounds on the nature of gender among Cybertronians. He mentions that Transformers are technically asexual, but divide themselves into two distinct categories based on how they process information. He speculated that Solus Prime required this unique cognitive structure in order to properly utilize her Creation Lathe.

Transformers Dark Of The Moon ''Opening Scene'' 2011 Movie Clip 4K ULTRA HD

Before making contact with gendered aliens, Cybertronians used a single pronoun to refer to all individuals. After taking a greater role in the galactic community, they began incorporating gendered pronouns into their culture, to demonstrate that they recognized and celebrated differences among themselves while maintaining their equality here, Alpha Trion breaks the fourth wall to apologize to any readers who might feel insulted by Cybertron's gender ratio.

Before the war, Ratchet worked with a female Arachnicon doctor named Cogwheel. The female Transformers Azimuth founded the Patterner movement.

The leader of the Mutacons is the female Transformer Mercury. The ruler of VelocitronOverrideand the Decepticon soldier Slipstream are also female. Additionally, Chromia and Firestar are leaders of underground cities which are destroyed when Cybertron is restored.

Ser-Keta female member of the Forge was one of the main antagonists of the Rage of the Dinobots miniseries. Ripclaw and Flamewar were both toy-only female characters, their only fiction consisting of character bios or roles in prose stories packaged with toys.

Elita OneMoonracerand Akiba Prime also exist in the Aligned continuity family as female Transformers. The only female Transformers portrayed as cast members are Arcee and Airachnid. Solus Prime is also mentioned whenever her hammer shows up on screen, and was momentarily seen in a flashback. Showing up in Arms Micron Theater segments are ArcArcee Bladeand Ida. Transformers Online introduced numerous female Transformers for both factions.

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Yes, the Chinese MMO that lasted about a year, in the continuity family where female Transformers are canonically rare, introduced more female characters than any single other source in years. Other than getting some minor details and anglicised names in Ask Vector Primethey've yet to be used by anyone else.

The Decepticons have the female warriors AstraeaDiablaand Duststorm on their side, while the Autobots have Cameo and Catapult. The Autobot cadet Strongarm is a member of Bumblebee's team, with Windblade later assisting the team. Among the many evil Transformers are FilchZizzaGlowstrikeScatterspikeNightraCyberwarpand Skyjackwith variety in body-types.

As such, this series increased the number of female Transformers than any show prior, with tie-in material also introducing SlinkRetrofitand Overhead.

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