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No one wanted to challenge him. He was about 6-feet tall, and pounds, with inch arms, inch thighs and a V-shaped waist with 8-pack abs, Even the gym management didn't want to talk to this guy about proper gym etiquette.

Female muscle brute

One night Mr. Muscles wanted to work on a machine that was being used by a something woman. She couldn't have weighed more than pounds spread nicely over her frame.

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Her name was Joyce, and she was a school teacher, who was a regular in the aerobics classes. She also ran five miles a day and did other workouts.

The Knockouts, a division added to the TNA lineup, has stepped away from pure sex appeal and added pure brute. One of the first women to the group, known as Velvet Sky said Explore the Muscle Women Fighting collection - the favourite images chosen by Spurs on DeviantArt @brute_muscle

Whether she was able to take on Mr. Muscles was soon to be learned. Joyce said "That's okay, I'm getting enough of a workout on my own, doing it my way.

  Joyce stepped to the side, grabbed the brute's forearm and intertwined her fingers with his and bent his wrist back. Muscles screamed out in pain as he was brought to his knees. The woman's small hand looked unimpressive wrapped in the big fellas meat-hook. But there she was looking down on the stunned muscle-builder saying "Now apologize." Top 20 Female Bodybuilding Blogs Winners So proud to be recognized for our work promoting female bodybuilders, fitness models, trainers and the entire female muscle universe! Yay to our fans!!!

Just leave me alone, thank you. One guy who thought he was being gallant, went over to Muscles and asked that he give the lady a break.

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Muscles gave the guy a shove sending him flying into a group of people on other machines. The gym went silent, and the manager behind the desk said he was going to call the police. However, Joyce said "Don't bother. I'll take care of this.

Muscles thought the young lady had seen the light and was giving up the apparatus and he moved to sit down. But again, Joyce blocked his way.

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Now here's the part that's hard to believe. Joyce stepped to the side, grabbed the brute's forearm and intertwined her fingers with his and bent his wrist back.

Muscles screamed out in pain as he was brought to his knees.

The woman's small hand looked unimpressive wrapped in the big fellas meat-hook. But there she was looking down on the stunned muscle-builder saying "Now apologize. His eyes flared with anger and he threw a punch at Joyce's stomach from down on his knees. However, she stepped away so fast - that he hit nothing but air. She grabbed Muscles' arm and pulled so that his momentum sent him sprawling across the floor. He got to his feet and shouted "Lady, you must be nuts if you think you have a chance against these pythons.

Joyce smiled and said "You build up your muscles to prove you're a big strong man, but you're about to be taken apart by a little woman. I said you were big and slow and no match for these," as she struck a muscle pose showing thin feminine arms that barely had any definition. Muscles growled and charged the blonde. She sent out a kick that caught the gorilla in his stomach. He was stopped but not phased.

He then tried a couple of punches that Joyce was able to dodge and duck under. While she was ducking, she saw his midsection wide open and she delivered a few punches to his sides and stomach. It was obvious, her small fists against the big guy's muscled torso didn't have any effect. People watching wondered how many punches will she have to land to make an impression on this guy.

Joyce and Muscles were now facing off against each other with a crowd of men and women standing around. Some of the men thought they should step in - but no one did. And then some had a twinge of embarrassment to think that they were letting a woman fight the bully of the gym. But Joyce was not intimidated.

Muscles laughed saying "your punches are like pitty-pats. You can't hurt me. And I'm going to kick your ass and shut your mouth," he bellowed. Joyce leapt into the air and wrapped her legs around the big guy's chest and began to squeeze while holding his head.

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Her leg scissors were not having the desired effect in pushing in the big guy's torso - so she did a mid-air sit up and clapped Muscles in the ears three times. The big brute suddenly began thrashing as the ear slaps effected his inner ear and balance and made him woozy.

Joyce then pulled an athletic move and moved her scissor hold higher, around Muscles' neck.

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She let her body fall backwards using her entire weight to flip the staggering body builder to the ground with a loud Thud. The onlookers began clapping to see the bully of the gym sprawled on the floor, trying to shake the cobwebs from his head.

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He began to stand with a growl "I'm going to kill that bitch. They don't mean anything to me. You're an idiot who thinks he knows how to fight.

Well get ready because a pound woman is going to rearrange your world. Joyce jumped on his barreled chest and began to rain down punches into his face. Muscles heard the taunts and the laughter from the crowd and he desperately flailed to get this female warrior off his chest. He was able to swipe his huge arm and knock Joyce over to the floor.

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She jumped to her feet an allowed Muscles to get up. Muscles looked at the little woman five feet away - standing with her fists balled in a fight mode. He couldn't believe he was beaten - not by her. There was no way he was going to give in - not in front of all these people. He needed just one chance to grab the bitch, and squeeze the shit out of her. His pythons won't fail him, he thought. He stepped forward with his fists up.

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However, if Muscles was slow before he was even slower now. The fight had taken a lot out of him. He was unsteady after being flipped. His nose was broken and bleeding. His face was cut and red from punches.

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His six-foot, pound frame did not look all that imposing now as he swayed on teetering legs with his fists up. And with that she flipped several jabs at Muscles, catching his face and head. At first her small fists hitting his head didn't seem to do much harm, but after about ten punches, Muscles' face began bleeding from the lip and his eyes were closing.

He tried swinging haymakers at the woman, who easily avoided them.

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The sight of a lumbering muscle-bound oaf, boxing a small agile and speedy woman was unbelievable. I eat things like: Oatmeal, chicken, beef, vegetables, sweet potatoes, eggs, rice, rice biscuits, nuts etc.

When I train, I just listen to the music they play at the center.

Female Muscle Videos: All.) You are about to enter a website that contains content of an adult nature. This site is designed for ADULTS only and may include pictures or material that some viewers may find offensive. If you are under the age of 18, if such material offends you, or if it is illegal to view adult content in your community leatherbrute. At The Door leatherbrute 22 5 Backyard leatherbrute 49 3 Sidewalk leatherbrute 47 3 Bed Games leatherbrute 30 1 High Boots leatherbrute 55 2 Door leatherbrute 55 3 Selfie leatherbrute 41 1 Pumping leatherbrute 37 5 Closest Moment leatherbrute 31 3 Sundown leatherbrute 25 0 Guess Who leatherbrute 33 5 White Flower leatherbrute 39 4   Vivi flexing her brute muscles - Strong Woman Crushing. Posted on May 27, May 27, by Admin SWC - Leave a comment

But when I do my cardio workout I put on my headphones and listen to whatever I have. I do sets, and super sets and drop sets. I like to shift between heavy sets and light sets.

I will compete first competition in September In the beginning I just wanted to train, but my results came pretty fast, and motivated me to working harder and having a goal with all the hardwork I put into it. Instagram: Instagram. Simone Duus: Brute Beauty.

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