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To get to the bottom of it, we asked multiple women to get real about how their tally has affected their sex lives-or not. I felt like it meant I'd had a lot of meaningless sex, because I was pretty much always single throughout my twenties. One of the reasons I always felt ashamed of my number, or why thinking about it would get me down, was because I attached so much significance to it.

It's such an arbitrary way of measuring experience. I'm glad I had those experiences because they've helped shape me, but they don't constitute who I am.

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There was a period of time when I was more promiscuous and my relationship with sex was not healthy. Because of this, I racked up quite a few partners, a number that I can't actually define.

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As I became more comfortable in my skin, I stopped using sex as a vice and started having healthier relationships with my partners. Plus, the sex got better!

  If you see this woman (and I hope you do) again, be direct and gentle. Start with something like "I was hoping I'd see you again." Look her in the eye and speak at a medium pace   'I needed multiple sexual partners': Women share why they REALLY cheated on their partners - as female infidelity reaches new heights. Stories from women about why they cheat on their partners Sex cannot only be deadly, DNA from the semen of your past sexual partners can come back to haunt you, your children and even generations to come. You may want to think twice about that next one night stand or dude with less than stellar DNA you might secretly shack up with to end your long dry spell

Then last year, I realized how my anxiety manifested itself in that number. I couldn't go over ten because that would be bad.

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Too many people! So I went back to partners three, four, and five throughout my twenties and early thirties, because it was more important to me to keep my overall number low than to [have sex with] someone different.

  Real women speak out about why their "number" of partners does or does not matter. Search Whom you choose to have sex with is a deeply Author: Julie Vadnal   Multiple sex partners means having more than one person that you engage in sexual activity with. There are many risks associated with having multiple sexual partners, such as an increased risk of pregnancy and transmitting a sexual disease You have come to the right place. Just complete our 5 steps questionnaire and we will provide you with a list of people most likely to become your new casual partner or your stable long term life partner. Our exclusive partner finder system will analyse profiles from our database and show you online the best ones according to your needs

I [realized] it was limiting me, so now if it goes up, it's cool. I just want to live my life and be happy with my choices.

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And I probably would have been more accepting of the fact that some of my situation-ships weren't going anywhere and moved on if I hadn't been so concerned with keeping my number low. I don't have any regrets pertaining to my sexual history, so my number is what it is. In my experience, no one worthy of my time or energy would judge me based on my number, so I don't let those who do bother me.

  In the video above, the mag asks thirteen women what their favorite sexual partners have in common. Advertisement. " [They] put me first," one woman says. "They're good with their mouths," another added. Attentiveness clearly counts, but apparently, it also doesn't hurt to Estimated Reading Time: 40 secs

Someone's number doesn't define them and it irritates me that people use it as another way to discriminate. It made me feel like I should be sleeping with more people.

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It's zero, and a big reason why is that I was raised in a very religious, conservative home. I always wanted to wait to get married to have sex.

As the years passed and I ended up not getting married, I grew too embarrassed to admit to any potential romantic partners that I was still a virgin. It's probably contributed to why I'm still single: The whole sex thing makes me nervous overall-both talking about it and having it. I even lie to my gyno about it. Ironically, it shouldn't matter what a person's number is.

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We evolve and change so much throughout our lives. I got an incurable STD a little over two years ago and it's really stifled my sex life.

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I used to be so sexually free, and I still am to an extent, but it definitely prevents me from having as much sex as I want. I disclose it to each new partner, and it hasn't gotten any easier.

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It is your personal choice to have sex with multiple people, however you need to be careful particularly as it carries multiple risks. The more sexual partners you have, the higher the risk of catching a sexually transmitted infection STI. There are many reasons why people have lots of sexual partners.

100 People Tell Us Their Number of Sexual Partners - Keep it 100 - Cut

This may be from the use of alcohol or drugs, which make you want more sex. This may also be from the excitement that you get from having multiple partners, or that you feel liberated having casual sex with multiple partners.

Ask yourself why you want to have multiple partners, and how your partner will feel about this. You also need to consider the emotional implications that can come from having multiple sex partners. Can you handle having so many people close to you, and prevent yourself from getting too attached?

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