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His stalker even left him voicemails that admitted to her lies, and she continued to threaten to ruin his life.

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He brought that evidence to the police, and they just laughed at him, and did nothing to help. The police knew that he was innocent, so the charges against him were dropped, but the woman continued to stalk him.

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When he realized that the police were not willing to help him, Cashmore eventually had to move far enough away to where she could never find him. You may or may not have seen the horror movie Fatal Attraction. In the film, a woman, played by Glenn Close, has an affair with a married man, played by Michael Douglas.

Even though she was aware that he was married all along, she becomes convinced that he should leave his wife for her, and she stalks him. It eventually escalates to violence, and she begins to threaten his wife and child.

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Even if you have seen this movie, very few people know that Michael Douglas was actually forced to live out the plot of Fatal Attraction in real life. Ina woman named Dawnette Knight claimed that she had an affair with Michael Douglas, and that he paid her to keep it a secret. Knight claimed that she was in love with him, and needed to get his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, out of the picture.

She began stalking Zeta-Jones, and there were 25 separate incidents where Knight threatened her life.

She came close to having a nervous breakdown. Knight was caught, and sentenced to serve three three years in jail. Daniel Broderick was a successful lawyer, and when he started having issues in his marriage, he began having an affair with his office assistant, Linda.

When his wife Betty found out, they filed for divorce, and she tried to make his life a living Hell.

A female stalker of any faction even the military and the bandits. BlackHoleSon Joined 14y ago. Offline. 46, points Ranked 93rd. 6 medals 1 legendary 2 rare. BlackHoleSon. 13y. She would get raped by stalkers, bandits, the military. maybe even anamolies. URL to post

Betty spray painted the inside of their house to make it incredibly difficult to sell. When Daniel moved to a new home, Betty rammed her car into his front door.

Not to be outdone, however, the female stalker made one of her first blockbuster appearances in the film Fatal Attraction. Female Alex is a mirror image of the male stalker who lives in an alternate reality, invents things about the relationship that don't exist, can't cope with rejection and whose obsession with her target takes over her life. Despite being an attractive, successful Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins 10 Creepiest Real-Life Accounts Of Female Stalkers. by Cheish Merryweather. fact checked by Jamie Frater. When we picture a stalker, we often envision a sinister man terrorizing his victim with persistent harassment, and in all likelihood, most of the stalkers you hear about are male. However, the female of the species can be just as deadly as the male. There are many reasons why someone might Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins Female Possession - Stalker GuySubscribe My Channel for more(Fantasy) Tobu - Natural

Clearly, Betty Broderick was showing signs of unstable behavior, so it was fairly easy for Daniel to get full custody of their children in For four years, Betty continued to stalk and harass Daniel. She left threatening voicemails, especially when he got married to Linda. InDaniel finally served Betty legal papers to make her stop the harassment. Then, she shot and killed Linda and Dan while they were lying in bed.

Long before Jeff Goldblum memes existed on the Internet, there was at least one fan that was willing to go the distance with her obsession in real life. Ina woman named Linda Ransom attended an acting class taught by Goldblum.

She followed him home so she could figure out where he lived. That changed her from a stalker with a crush to one who was hell-bent on revenge. InGoldblum finally had enough, and filed a restraining order against her. She was years-old at the time, and she had to represent herself in court, because every single lawyer in Los Angeles refused to take on her case.

When people think of stalkers, they almost always imagine a dangerously unstable man who is following a female victim. Very few people realize that women can be stalkers, too. In most cases, you would never know a female stalker if you saw one. According to the Academy of Psychiatric Law, the vast majority of female stalkers are single, highly educated women who were diagnosed with a mental Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins Stalking victims were most likely to be slightly older male acquaintances; but if the victim was a prior sexual intimate of the female stalker, her risk of being violent toward him exceeded 50 percent. Unlike male stalkers who often pursue their victims to restore intimacy, these female stalkers often pursued their victims to establish intimacy. Common emotions and motivations included anger I am female, I couldn't have gotten him pregnant." - philosopher_stalker. She carved my initials into her skin "Had a girlfriend scratch my initials into her ankle with a spoon. I dated her for another month." - bcos4life. He dressed up like a clown "He'd show up everywhere I Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins

During the court proceedings, she would not stop yelling at everyone. Goldblum is being harassed because the legal system is negligently violating my rights. One of the men she met was a millionaire who lived in Paradise Valley, Arizona. After just one date, she was convinced that this man was going to be her future husband. Before anyone asks why I never went to the police or tried to get her sectioned: my boyfriend was and is very dependent on her and anything like that would result in him being left alone.

She was no where near as scary as other stories in this thread but she was persistent. If I was doing a public appearance she would always show up.

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Eventually she figured out what car I drove and she began following me from time to time. You know, break up the pattern as much as possible.

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She was more annoying than dangerous. Basically she was a 30 something year old woman with the mentality of a 14 year old with a crush but the following me thing was pretty creepy. One night I was leaving work, dead tired, and not paying attention. She followed me to the apartment complex I was living in. Luckily I figured it out before I got to my building. So I did a tour of the whole complex, then drove across town towards the police station. I guess she figured out where I was headed because she quit following me about two blocks from the station.

Anyway, thankfully, she never did figure out where I lived. Then one day it just stopped. No more following, no more calls, no more anything. Apparently a radio station across town had hired a new guy and she became fixated on him. Once I found that out I called and gave him a friendly heads up. The scariest thing is when they start PMing with personal information and that kind of thing. Death threats and other threats of harm and abuse. Just part of moderating I guess. She would come to our house at all hours of the night, she would attack our vehicles, she would follow us when we went out.

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The cops were called, and she was arrested, and she left him and our family alone. Not the best place to meet someone.

He was violent and raped me on more than one occasion, and we broke up. After I broke up with him he tried to kill himself and I called the police so he was sectioned.

The police were called, gave him a slap on the wrist, and left it alone. It was pretty scary. My case was closed and nothing happened to him. I was horrified by the thought of it continuing and ended up moving to a different state. Then I started getting weird phone calls, voicemails, and texts from numbers where I moved from. I met her in highschool and fell head over heels.

You see I was bullied a lot throughout school, I was sort of an outcast. But she was different, when I met her she treated me like I was human, like I was worth something. To sum it up with a metaphor, every time I was thirsty, people would hand me a glass of vinegar, she was the first to hand me a glass of ordinary water.

Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Female Stalker sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Wahlen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema Female Stalker in hochster Qualitat True Female Stalker Horror Story Narrated by Lazy MasqueradeCheck out his channel here: you would like to suppor Response to Hot female stalker Mar 9, At 3/9/11 PM, Magic-Mushroom wrote: I'd give her a big hug and love on her. Unless of course she is a psycho bitch and wants to eat my internal organs, id just kick her face in. They said I could become anything so I became everything

My ticket to finally being able to have a happy life. I found every bit of information about her online, every one of her accounts across various social media sites. I posted to her Facebook page on a weekly basis.

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If she did something online, I knew about it. Eventually I contacted her younger siblings online. And started chatting with them. I knocked on the door thinking she would be gleeful to see me. And there was no answer. Then it all hit me. I was being erratic and obsessive. I so deeply regret my actions. I feel that the only thing I can do that would come close to an apology is to distance myself as completely as possible.

Make it so that all she knows of me is in distant memories. We talked for a little while. Anyway, we found each other interesting and exchanged Facebook info. After a few days of talking online we decided to meet up at a library.

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Everything seemed fine, no red flags going upyet. He was nice and the first things I began to notice was his eccentric way of talking, he talked like an old school philosopher where you asked him a question and he would respond in a question. It got kind of annoying, but I brushed it off as just being silly. I met his mom, she was sweet but she hoarded cats and was a chain smoker.

So once I had enough of him he kept messaging me on Facebook non-stop. I of course, blocked him. He kept sending me messages at all hours of the night, I kept blocking and reporting each one. It is a beautiful thing we have created. It was like a bad horror movie. Once I cut her off, he had a lot harder time finding me. He was a nice enough guy and he took me out on a date. Everything started off really well, but about a week into it he started asking me for money.

It started off small at first, like for a soda or five bucks for gas. Then he started asking for larger amounts, like a few hundred to get him by for a week or so. I never gave it to him, but he started wanting to move in together within about 2 weeks of dating. When we would go out places he started to do very weird things. He would start screaming in public or singing nonsense at the top of his lungs. He would always play around afterward that he was just having fun, but it was weird and embarrassing to be seen with him.

Also, my dog who loves everyone would not let him near me. By the end of the second week I broke up with him over the phone. He completely flipped the fuck out. He started showing up where I worked to the point where my manager had to ban him from the building and co-workers walked me to my car.

Then one day he showed up in the middle of the night and told me to come outside. I told him to leave or I was going to the cops.

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He literally started sobbing to the point where he was almost hyperventilating. I went back inside and locked the house up.

The next day I was home alone and just doing some work at the time I was in college when I heard some rustling by the front door. I thought it was just the dog messing around or the mailman or something, but the dog started barking and growling. The door bell began to ring. They someone started messing with the door handle.

I grabbed a broom of all things because that was all I had and I heard someone open the door. My dog tried to bite him and I locked myself in my bathroom and started screaming that I called the police. He up and ran away. I called my neighbor who lived across the street from me and was former military.

He checked out the house and made sure he was gone. My dog had a few scrapes and cuts on him, but he was okay.

I filed for a restraining order the next day and my dad took the liberty of calling his father and explaining what happened. I received a few other e-mails him following that, but he never came to my house again.

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Will you go out with me? But every time I went to the pool, he was there too, telling me how pretty I was and asking me to go out with him, introducing me to his disabled grandmother who brought him to the pool.

Anyway, one day this girl came up to me and asked me if Chris was bothering me.

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The girl, Elizabeth started hanging out with me when I went to the pool which was almost every day since I was allowed to go by myself. She explained that she and Chris were good friends from a different neighborhood but came to our pool because it was bigger and had more room for his grandmother work on her physical therapy for her legs.

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We became great friends and laughed about how Chris was always following us around and asking me out. But one day I noticed that he followed me all the way back to my house and tried to hide behind a mail box when I saw him. As funny as it is, that creeped me out. I began to notice that he was getting more aggressive and annoyed with me for refusing to date him.

He would take me into the woods or behind the jungle gym, out of sight from his grandmother, and make creepy comments about my body and touch my cheek while telling me how pretty I was. He continued to follow me home, even when I took a short cuts through the woods or the long way that led in circles. Finally, during the last week the pool was open, I went to the bathroom. If someone was able to get me offguard like that and get into my room and things then I would say they have done enough to show whatever it is they want is worth hearing out, if they wanted to kill me well how could I stop them if they clearly already got passed me loads before?

Let's PlayerArtistNekoMika's Legacy! Does she want to fuck me? I'll grant that wish. Does she want to make passionate love to me? Well baby, I will light your fire. Does she want to have kinky sex with me?

I'll prepare my anus. Does she want us to cut each others' wrists and rub our wounds together as we die slowly, holding each others' hands? Get the fuck away from me you psycho bitch. Send me r34 of Lulu or Payne and receive free pixel art. IRC : 36in. If she is stalking me for sexy-times, then sexy-times would be granted and stalking wouldn't have never have been needed.

Female stalker nude

If it's for absolutely any other reason, I'd try to either talk it out of her or I'd kick her face or something. Especially if she was trying to sell me something. Doghouse Reviews. Steam Curator. Your also agreeing that its impossible for an attractive women to stalk someone, Its a big world.

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I really need to see a therapist. lol exactly its just a question to have fun with not to be taken out of proportion and speak realisticly. Unless of course she is a psycho bitch and wants to eat my internal organs, id just kick her face in. At this point in my life, to have a girl in it with ANY positive feelings towards me would be great, whether they are a stalker or not. I'd appreciate it. To this day Im always watching out for somthing like that, the key to that one is to make sure you fuck her doggy style that way its easyer to keep an eye on her.

If you've got a "Hot Female Stalker", then while the bodywork might look a treat, the engine needs a lot of work. Seriously, if she's mad enough to stalk, then she's probably a bunny boiler, who will go through your phone at every opportunity and interrogate you over all of your friends, not just the girls on there.

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If you haven't got any girls on your phone, you're going to make her more suspicious though, that's what these paranoid types are like. StoryShift Author. If she is extremely pissed at me then fuck dat shit. If she just wants to have sex and just generally wants to be with me, then that's fine. Well when you meet them they dont just come out and say their a stalker, and if you break it off then they will go even crazier! Angels on the other hand keep throwing their halos at the floor near me.

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I'll bang her then kill her before she kills me. Member since: Sep.

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