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Tailzo Member. Oct 27, 4, Dyle said:.

  Female: The Yakuza syndicate is made up almost entirely of men, the few women in their ranks are known as 'ane-san' - or 'older sister' RELATED ARTICLES Previous Vintage Photos of Yakuza With Their Full Body Suit Tattoos. The tradition of tattooing in Japan, which is known as Irezumi, has always had a close twining with yakuza, ever since it was born. In the Edo period, which was predominant from to , the criminals were tattooed by the authorities in a custom that was known as bokkei, where it   From what I've heard, there used to be some female yakuza bosses during the s to s so about 60 years ago. But I would say that the number of female members is probably close to zero." Gokutsuma. Little empirical and academic information has been gathered about women married to yakuza members

Click to expand TronLight Member. Jun 17, 1, AFAIK they're japanese porn stars. So that's their job, basically. BadWolf Member.

very grateful

Oct 25, 11, Those aren't random women, they are actual Japanese porn stars. Yahsper Member. Oct 29, Is your question why they have photos of women all over the place or why the women are real women?

  Nov 24, 4, Jun 16, # It is a big deal in Japan. There are major casting roles that hundreds of women gun for. They even get to tell their life story in them sometimes too, which has lead to some really pretty interesting and uplifting stories - like the trans woman in Yakuza   The Sanja Matsuri festival, in Tokyo suburb of Asakusa, sees nearly two million people taking to the streets in an annual celebration. Among them: legions of men and women with Yakuza   Yakuza Japanese Tattoos. Originally posted by japansubculture. Mr. Kazuki Kai from Kyushu gets a tattoo from the famous tattoo artist Horiyoshi the Third. Dragon Tattoo. Dragons are symbols of strength, being ferocious, and wealth. Flower Yakuza Tattoo. In the tattoo world, flowers carry a variety of meanings

First question: it's how it looks like in real life. It's been five years I've been to Japan but it even feels toned down in Yakuza, or maybe it just had a bigger impact on me back then because it was my first time seeing it. Second question: why create s of virtual women when you can just buy their photos?

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Gegz Member. Oct 25, 4, Are you against sex workers winning money, OP? Last edited: Jun 16, shaneo Member. Oct 29, 20, Essex, UK. You're worried about bad taste in a Yakuza game? With characters like "walking erection"? LinkStrikesBack One Winged Slayer Member. Oct 27, 11, It's a game based at least in principle around the seedy crime underbelly in Japan, which yes, includes sex workers.

  The Yakuza series has always given great importance to the women who accompany Kazuma Kiryu when the protagonist of the series likes to drink a more info: here:   Women share their own experiences of Yakuza life: those who live for it and those who have briefly brushed past it. A handwritten note by "Yuko", a daughter of the Yakuza, reads: "The reason I got tattoos is that I wanted to discourage certain guys from approaching me

And frankly, them being paid for their photos for modelling for a game like yakuza is far less harmful than what they could otherwise be expected to do for money, so it's hard for me to draw a line about saying they shouldn't do it.

SixtyTwoMike Member. Oct 26, Metal Gear Solid 2 did this as well.

pbayne Member. Oct 27, 3, I always assumed all the billboards of the host clubs were real guys too. Probably just adds authenticity to the setting. Virtua Sanus Member. Nov 24, 4, It is a big deal in Japan.

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There are major casting roles that hundreds of women gun for. They even get to tell their life story in them sometimes too, which has lead to some really pretty interesting and uplifting stories - like the trans woman in Yakuza 3 for example.

Linus Member.

Oct 29, 10, They even included some of them in side stories like Aika. I think that's completely fine and even fits with the game's themes. Tora Member. Jun 17, 6, Yeah, they're real pornstars and one of them even appears in a certain game. shadowman16 Member. Oct 25, 13, Game set in fictional recreations of Japanese red light districts feature porn stars checks out to me.

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is a real porn star. And then you have Yakuza 6 which just basically drops all pretense of using the characters in other mini games and just lets you chat to actual porn stars as they undress.

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Though I'd need to check to see if 7 actually has porn stars in it. Usually as mentioned aboveits for hostesses but the hostess clubs are just stat boosts in that game and feel like an afterthought, not sure they bothered to get real girls this time?

The only ladies I remember being added to the game were competition winners from a talent search and those were the basically the girls bar Saeko that help you in side content - Eri was the winner and such she's a party member and part of the big side content and as a bonus, amazingly overpowered and the best party member in the game, go Eri!

but also the modding shop lady, the woman that works at the class switching job center, the bar tender at your hideout and the lady at the quiz mini game reception area.

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strudelkuchen Member. Why are you against sex workers being paid?

MrBadger Member. Oct 27, 2, benzopil Member.

Oct 25, 3, Era never ceases to amaze me. thetrin Member.

Oct 26, 3, Osaka Japan. OP, are women not allowed to use their talents as sex workers to get paid? What part of sex work is in bad taste exactly? bushmonkey Member. Oct 29, 2, shadowman16 said:. KillLaCam Member.

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Oct 25, 11, Singapore and Seoul. Japanese pornstars are in all type of media. Oct 27, 26, Lol do you feel uncomfortable seeing porn stars not in porn? thetrin said:.

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Glio said:. I mean, I find it shocking that women are directly sexualized with photographs in the game when the other characters are rendered in 3D but it must be me.

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Mung Member. Nov 2, Don't see any problem with this. nsilvias Member.

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Oct 25, 10, Mechaplum Member. Oct 26, 11, You might miss out on the best song in the entire franchise.

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Xils Member. Feb 4, I can see that it can be weird seeing photos of real women in the game but imagine the amount of assets they need to create to fill the same role and make it feel authentic.

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Though I think most of the money will go to the agency rather than the model but at least I hope they should at least have a say if they want to appear in the game or not and get something from it. Some of them even get to be an actual character in game with their own storyline and they also get to voice their character so I think it's kinda cool they get a chance to try something different from their usual job and may be a chance to branch off.

MouldyK The Fallen. Nov 1, 5, As per the cultures and art of Japan, yakuza tattoos are related to imagery and symbolism. In this full body suit, a typical depiction of the full-body suit tattoo can be seen and it was previously an obligation for the band members to be tattooed.

However, this is not a practice that is still being followed and in modern-day Japan, a lot of people are getting themselves tattooed. However, it is still believed that getting a tattoo would be a gateway to reach the yakuza. Username or Email Address.

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