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The protagonist of our story is Tom Smith. His name can be customized in the side-bar. What is his background? What is his life like? We won't know until we begin Natural pregnancy and gestation has become mainly for the extremely impoverished growing a child in a lab is very expensive! Alternate Universe Rule - Physiology : Women are genetically enhanced to be beautiful and healthy for their entire life; growing old, being obese or having an ugly face is a thing of the past, something studied and mocked in the classroom.

Forced to cum story

In general, the average woman is approximately twice as strong as the average male and has even more stamina. This is a genetic modification during gestation for laboratory babies, but a series of injections during childhood for natural pregnancies can replicate the effects. The effects are not physically visible for the most part and a female's appearance is much like it was during the before times, despite their strength and endurance augmentations. On the other hand, whether it is a power move of some sort or plain laziness, men are not as lucky.

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A man may come in all shapes in sizes and will age normally as the before times. Most men are "gifted" a series of medical treatments at the age of 18 by their parents that increase the size of their testicles and triples semen production.


Alternate Universe Rule - Marriage: Nuptials continues to exist, but neither party is considered exclusive for one another. Women will continue hunting men and men are expected to continue servicing any woman that asks for sexual gratification.

In addition, certain religions still looked favorably upon marriage, encouraging their female parishioners to seek a favorite male partner. Certain extreme sects also require that the woman only have sex with her husband, however those are few and far between but woe to the husband that has a wife that would normally be milking a dozen different men each day that must now set her sights on just one.

Still, both genders do take marriage into account in their daily lives: some women find men bound in holy matrimony particularly appealing, thinking that the man must have some kind of positive trait if his wife favored him enough to marry. Married males were treated slightly better by authority figures, as any inconvenience to them would also directly affect a female. The primary caveat for marriage was that the man would be required to sexually service his wife no matter what; failure to do so could cause a divorce and a quick sentence to prison, which of course are co-ed Why go out to suck a man off during lunch when you can visit the one right next to you?

Not only that, but having a variety of captive cocks to choose from is considered to be very prestigious and important to attracting the brightest and best female applicants. Male employees typically have very few responsibilities as their primary function is to dispense semen on command. For an 8 hour work-day, a man can expect some form of sexual intercourse with his female co-workers or any woman that walks in for at least half of their time spent there.

As a result of this, most men do not climb very high in their careers.

Tina gets a visit from her parents and Ethan and mom get wet. Kyle and Marie take an uplifting visit to the doctor. Young man accidentally meets the cock demon Koldak. The morning after Jake wonders if it was all a dream. and other exciting erotic stories at! Forced to content himself with stroking my bare legs, looking at my panty covered vagina, squeezing my breasts and stroking himself, he was soon ready to ejaculate. "Can I cum on your tits baby, God please let me cum on your gorgeous soft tits?" Paul moaned. I

This will be quite the opposite. The SCP branch will contain singular usually not overtly sexual images to follow the standard SCP formatting. I don't know how many chapters I'm going to write for it, but I'll support it as best I can. The story-arcs here are intended to be greatly varied, but very short. Also, a quick disclaimer: while this story is based on femdom, my specific tastes calls for typically forced vanilla sex.

In my chapters, you will almost never find pegging, spanking, male cum-eating, anything regarding urine, and similar stuff.

I just don't like that kind of stuff, so I apologize if that's what you're looking for. They were very gracious in offering their home for our meeting.

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I had a three hour professional make-over the morning of our date and I spent a lot of time selecting the most feminine lingerie I owned topped off with a beautiful loose skirt dress that fell below my knees.

My body was fully shaved and I wore lace top nylons attached to a satin and lace garter belt. My bra was filled with satin and lace and my 38C breast forms fit perfectly. When I was fully dressed I looked in the mirror and a very sexy, beautiful girl, was looking back at me.

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There was zero trace of anything male in my appearance. It was necessary for me to drive about an hour to get to the couple's home I was going to. Passing in public was always easy for me and just to be on the safe side I obeyed all the speed laws as I was on the road. I always loved driving when I had a dress on. I liked looking down to see my pretty dress on my lap and feeling my pretty panties, garter belt, and stockings.

In the car windows you could see my ample bosom under my pretty dress and my shoulder length hair framing my face in a very girly way. Rachel leaned into my lips and firmly kissed me on the mouth pushing her tongue inside me very quickly.

It was the first time in my life I had been kissed by a female in this way.

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You look beautiful! So girly!

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You can't possibly have a penis between your legs. Thank you. You are very kind. I do have a penis, but it is very, very tiny, and not at all a male sex organ. So you say.

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Well let's have some champagne and get to know each other. Honey, bring in some glasses and lets the three of us have a seat on the sofa.

Rachel came back into the living room with the champagne and glasses and joined Blake and me on the sofa. I was seated in between the two of them.

Cum in Every Hole Pt. Lyric is fucked by an intruder and forced to orgasm. by PhoenixOfLove NonConsent/Reluctance 03/07/ Daniel's New Boss Ch. College student forced to work for his money all summer long. by Torcojack BDSM 06/27/ k. 7 The story-arcs here are intended to be greatly varied, but very short. Also, a quick disclaimer: while this story is based on femdom, my specific tastes calls for typically forced vanilla sex. In my chapters, you will almost never find pegging, spanking, male cum-eating, anything regarding urine, and similar stuff. I just don't like that kind

After we each had a glass in our hands and raised our glasses in a toast Blake turned to me and said. Blake leaned into me and our lips came together followed by his manly tongue sliding between my lips and into my mouth.

We were enjoined for at least a minute and I enjoyed every second of this man finding me sexually attractive. When we finally finished our kiss I noticed that Rachel had begun to play with her nipples through her dress. I have a rather strong hatred of my tiny penis and I wish it wasn't there.

As a result, I have done everything I can to permanently disable it as a male sex organ.

An Erotic Journey, Message 4: An Unexpected Visitor... (Erotic Story for Women)

The device restricted blood flow to my little dick and balls and completely stopped any wet dreams. I never took it off. My tiny ball sack became swollen and I felt numbness between my legs.

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I was hoping to permanently destroy the function of my little balls and I think I came close. I don't think they produce any kind of sperm at all. I'm fairly sure I'm sterile as a male. I've heard if I can keep them inside my body for an extended period of time my body will dissolve them. When that happens my body will not produce any testosterone and I'll be free to become more and more of a girl. And the thought of it I find really repulsive.

I wasn't a fan of my wet dreams with how sticky they were, Eccck! I can tolerate pee coming out of my dick but that is all. I really wish I had two warm and wet lips between my legs. I love being a girl. You know what I mean.

I'll bet you own lots of pretty lingerie and you feel good wearing it. I've worn panties and a bra every day for a very long time. I'm very close to wearing my outer dress wardrobe on a full time basis. I want nothing to do with my body responding like a male sexually. We continued to drink champagne and get slightly tipsy.

Rachel began to get closer to me and it was she who slid her hand up my stocking covered leg and under my dress to the front of my panties. It's really not possible for you to sexually stimulate my tiny penis.

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Take hold of Linda for me. I'm going to make her penis ejaculate. At that moment Blake strongly held onto my arms above my elbows. He had very strong male arms and he easily overpowered me. Working so hard at being a girl I had done nothing to gain any kind of strength in my upper body muscles.

I was a female in strength.

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I can't do it. I don't want to do it! Blake pulled me up from the sofa and still holding my arms from behind pushed me forward toward the bedroom. Rachel followed us as she began to unbutton her dress.

As she stepped out of her dress she wore only bikini panties and a bra.

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Both were loaded with satin and lace. Blake pulled me down on the bed as Rachel lifted my dress up to my waist exposing my petticoat. She lifted my petticoat to my waist and quickly pulled down my panties to my ankles.

My tiny penis was exposed to her and I felt it begin to get a little bit plump. Rachel started to pull on my cock trying to stroke it into erection.

I did everything I could to keep it limp.

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I kept my eyes closed and repeated out loud. Rachel leaned down and took my little limp cock into her mouth and began to lick and suck on it. I had never felt anything like that before and my body began to respond to her sucking. My penis was not limp anymore but it was only about 3 inches long as it was hard. I was breathing heavily as Rachel continued to suck and to lick.

I gd a very deep breath as my tiny hard cock erupted in Rachel's mouth. I could not stop the stream after stream of fluid that was shooting out of me.

Rachel hummed with delight as she was taking in all I was ejaculating. My nipples were huge and I was convulsing in a way I had never done before. Finally after about a minute or so I stopped shooting semen out of my cock. I immediately relaxed as I was spent from the physical nature of my ejaculation.

Crossdresser forced by woman to ejaculate. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box Once tied, the poor guy is milked and milked and milked until he is losing his mind. A wild story of repeated, forced ejaculations. Milking The Bull by Gary This story is based on the drawing, "Milking The Bull" by Franco. It explains how and why the young guy is tied up with that machine on his penis, and what happens to him when a lab assistant takes advantage of his helpless situation Primoz fights to survive captivity, but can he ever be free? Primoz wakes to find himself at the mercy of a madman. Crossdresser forced by woman to ejaculate. We are not in Kansas anymore! College senior humiliated by hung freshman in Speedos. and other exciting erotic stories at!

Rachel swallowed every drop I had shot out of my unwanted penis. I did not like any of it. I much prefer to orgasm as a girl and keep things internal and intense. I felt a great deal of relief and excitement as Blake let go of my arms as he laid out on the bed. I had pulled up my panties and straightened my petticoat when I asked Rachel if she could help me take off my dress. She unzipped me and I was just in my camisole and petticoat over my bra, panties, garter belt and stockings as I prepared to suck on Blake's man sized cock.

As I pulled Blake's pants down to his knees I saw he was quickly getting hard in his boxers. I opened the fly of his underwear and his beautiful, thick, hard penis jumped out in front of me. My eyes widened as I saw his man-sized cock and I immediately kissed the tip of his helmet as Rachel began snapping photos.

I was thrilled to take Blake's growing cock into my mouth and return to sexual activity that I loved. I ran my tongue up and down the shaft and used my lips around the rim of his helmet and I sucked and kissed him to a rock hard erection. It was disgusting. I do not want to do that again. As I was saying this Blake began to breathe more deeply.

I saw the hole on the tip of his throbbing cock begin to open slightly and I knew he was about to ejaculate. I quickly put my mouth on his penis as he gd and said.

Rachel kept taking pictures of our sex act as Blake's cock began shooting rope after rope of semen into my mouth. His body convulsed each time he shot out another line of hot cum. I counted five convulsions. Each one unloading a huge volume of semen and sperm. I did not miss a drop of his wonderful tasting cum. My own little penis pulled back inside my body and I could feel my panties become totally flat between my legs. I was in total female mode. I finished swallowing all of Blake's hot cum and enjoyed the knowledge I had millions of his sperm swimming around inside me.

This is the girl I knew I was always meant to be, and I loved it. If the three of us are ever to be together again I do not want to have you do that to me again.

I'm not a male. I find everything about myself physically experiencing male sexual reactions completely disgusting. I'm a girl who has an unfortunate tiny penis between her legs. Can you understand what I am saying?

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