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The No. Sex is about enjoyment for both of you. The key is remember to breathe! The gag reflex is primarily to stop us from choking, so if you are getting oxygen into your lungs, this will reduce it. Remember, practice makes perfect. Some women have fixed really bad gag reflexes by practicing. The more you practice, the deeper you will be able to go. Other women have recommended throat numbing sprays, like the ones dentists use or sex products specifically designed to reduce the gag reflex.

Position is another key element. Some positions make it better, while others can make it worse. The man sits down next to the woman, who then leans over to suck his penis. Ladies who have long locks should invest in a hairband-otherwise errant hairs may get into your mouth and spoil the flow. Just make sure you keep a dental dam on hand if you opt for the latter.

THE HOW TO The woman lies on her back and the man straddles her face. Access All Areas THE BENEFIT This is a simple adaptation of On Your Knees that allows even greater scope for play. THE HOW TO The man stands up, legs spread, and leans back against a wall or sofa to present himself more fully to his lover.

The woman kneels and plays. EXTRA CREDIT For a kinky twist, as the man nears orgasm, the woman can lean back and offer her breasts up for his ejaculate.

Looking Good THE BENEFIT For the man who likes to watch-or film-his oral encounters, this position is ideal. THE HOW TO The man lies on his side on the bed. The woman lies next to him, with her feet at his head, and buries her face in his man parts.

THE HOW TO The man stands with his legs spread.

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The woman sits on the floor, facing the same direction as the man, with her head under his balls and mouth open. EXTRA CREDIT For men who are into anal play, this offers the woman easy access to the area. The woman also has both hands free to use a dam should she want to add some rimming to the mix.

He lies back and relaxes while the woman indulges his every whim. THE HOW TO The man lies on a sofa or bed. The woman kneels at his side and leans over to take him in her mouth. THE HOW TO The man lies on his side toward the edge of the bed, with one knee bent and the foot of that leg flat on the bed.

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The woman slips her head between his thighs from behind to lick his balls and shaft while using her hand to masturbate him. EXTRA CREDIT The woman can use her hands to make easy use of a dental dam, meaning rimming is a feasible opportunity. THE HOW TO The woman lies on her back with her head tilted back and knees bent. The man gets onto all fours and straddles her face.

She can also reach up to caress his nipples for a milder thrill. The woman kneels in front of him and uses her lips and tongue to stimulate his balls or anus or both while her hand works his shaft into a frenzy. Kiss His Ass THE BENEFIT Want to get down and dirty? THE HOW TO The man lies on his back with his ankles around his neck.

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The woman kneels down, with her face in his family jewels, and starts those long, luscious tongue strokes. EXTRA CREDIT Into sub-dom play? Spank the dirty boy for enjoying himself so much as you play. The man lies on the floor in front of her and puts his legs on either side of her hips. The woman leans forward and the man lines his genitals up with her face, ready for the indulgence to begin.

EXTRA CREDIT With his legs wide open, the man is offering up his bum for play. Elongating the neck makes it easier to take a man to the back of your throat.

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THE HOW TO The woman lies on her back on the bed, with her head dangling over the side. The man straddles her face and slides inside her mouth. If the woman wants to take control, she can use her hand to control the depth of penetration.

HOW TO GIVE A BLOW JOB - 10 Tips for an Ultimate Blow Job

Meanwhile, she can do her utmost to restore his flagging ardor. THE HOW TO The man lies on his back on the bed with his head on the pillow. The woman lies between his thighs and works her magic. EXTRA CREDIT With two hands to play with, the woman has a wealth of options at her disposal. Nipples, balls, bum, thighs, or somewhere else entirely: The choice is yours.

It changes the angle of entry, with the penis entering the mouth in such a way that the glans can rub against the side of the tongue, rather than the flat of it. And obviously, allowing the man to be in charge of the thrusting means he can set his own perfect rhythm.

THE HOW TO The woman lies on her back across the middle of the bed.

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The man lies across her face, to form a letter T, supporting his weight on his elbows as he thrusts. EXTRA CREDIT The woman can caress her breasts or masturbate as the man thrusts to add extra visual thrills to proceedings.

Lazy Girl THE BENEFIT All the fun of On Your Knees without any kneepads required. You can hold this position for much longer as a result-which is great if your man takes his time to deliver.

THE HOW TO The woman sits on a chair and the man stands in front of her and thrusts into her mouth. EXTRA CREDIT The woman can bob her head up and down rather than letting the man control the thrusts: This will make her breasts jiggle in a most delightful way. Head Over Heels THE BENEFIT Another position that gives the man a great view, Head Over Heels is sure to send a rush of blood to his head-and hers. It also allows for deep oral penetration, assuming you can hold the position, that is.

THE HOW TO The man sits on the sofa. The woman puts one hand on either side of his hips and does a handstand, with her face in his crotch and her legs resting against the back of the sofa if she requires support.

The Exhibitionist THE BENEFIT All the visual appeal of 69 with none of the effort for the man. Talk about a treat! EXTRA CREDIT If the man likes watching his partner masturbate and almost all men do-why do you think female masturbation is so common in porn?

she can play with herself as she sucks him. The Gymnast THE BENEFIT If a man is worried about his size, this is the move for him: The Gymnast is sure to make even the most modest member look its mightiest. And if he looks up, his love is sure to grow as he sees the graphic view his lover presents. THE HOW TO The man gets into the crab position, with his feet flat on the floor and hands flat behind his head.

The woman then stands over his face and bends over to take his penis in her mouth, using her hands to support herself on the floor if required.

Watch Oral Sex Guide porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Oral Sex Guide scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own The Oral Sex Position Guide will take you through 69 different ways to indulge in fellatio, cunnilingus, and mutual oral exploration, including the classics, some creative twists (in both senses of the word) on traditional positions, and a few that fall firmly in the "acrobatic" camp Stuff like how your attitude affects your performance, ways to reduce that annoying gag reflex, swallowing, spiting alternatives and using peppermint - all to make the experience better, for both of you. Let us introduce, the Ultimate Oral Sex guide. 1. Attitude. The

EXTRA CREDIT Wearing a butterfly-style vibe while pleasuring her partner will mean the woman is sure to enjoy herself just as much as her man. And throwing a masturbation show into oral is generally met with a positive response. However, this position is easier than The Gymnast for the less-than-acrobatic woman. THE HOW TO Similar to The Gymnast but simpler, the man gets into the crab position.

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The woman then kneels between his legs and fellates him from above. EXTRA CREDIT The woman has both hands free, and you know what that means. Yes, plenty of exploration of his erogenous zones, whether that means his bum, nipples, or somewhere else entirely. THE HOW TO The man lies on his back on the bed or floor with his arms by his side. The woman lies on her side next to him, with one thigh on either side of his arm and her face in his crotch.

She can grind against his arm as she fellates him. EXTRA CREDIT The man can use his other hand to reach over and penetrate his partner if she likes penetration along with her clitoral stimulation.

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Happy endings all round. Breast Ever THE BENEFIT Double the stimulation courtesy of combining breast and oral pleasuring: what a treat! And almost all men will love the view, too. THE HOW TO The woman lies on her back.

The man then straddles her and pushes her well- lubricated boobs together, sliding between them as she bends her head forward to take him into her mouth with every upstroke. Use flavored lube to make the experience as pleasant as possible for the woman. Office fantasies are incredibly common-and this position helps you make yours come true.

Probably best not to try it with your real boss, though. THE HOW TO The man sits on an office chair in front of a desk. After all, you may need a thorough appraisal.

THE HOW TO The woman lies on her back in bed. The man straddles her face, facing her feet, and slides inside her. He should go slowly to avoid getting chafed by her teeth, though.

The woman gets on all fours, straddling his body across his hips so that her breasts brush against his hip while her mouth works on his cock. EXTRA CREDIT Baby oil and boobs go together like fish and chips or peanut butter and jelly.

Slather your puppies in oil or lube and enjoy the sliding sensation and glistening view. Twisted Fun THE BENEFIT This position combines close body contact with oral bliss: a hug and a blow job rolled into one. THE HOW TO The man gets into a shoulder stand with his legs spread.

The woman then kneels behind him, facing his back, leaning forward between his legs to lick him from balls to tip, resting her weight on her hands as required.

MUTUAL ORAL SEX POSITIONS You both have easy access to each other, and it requires no gymnastic ability-an all round winner. THE HOW TO The man lies on his back with a pillow under his head to ease exploration without neck ache. The woman straddles him, with her bits over his face, and leans forward to take him into her mouth.

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Let them explore every inch of each other as you enjoy a dinner a deux. THE HOW TO The woman lies on her back with her legs spread. The man straddles her with his thighs on either side of her head and leans forward to get munching.

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THE HOW TO The man sits on the floor with his legs in front of him. The woman puts her hands on either side of his hips, then does a handstand before spreading her legs, taking care not to kick her man in the face.

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The man then puts his arms around her waist to pull her closer and help support her. A Bit on the Side THE BENEFIT This is a perfect lazy oral position with lashings of extra bonuses. Approaching the clitoris from the side makes it easier to focus attention on the clitoral root while avoiding the tip. This is ideal if a woman has a particularly sensitive clitoris. Meanwhile, the man can thrust away, setting his own rhythm, which is sure to lead to an explosive climax.

THE HOW TO The woman lies on her side with her legs spread and one foot flat on the floor or sofa to allow for easy access. The man lies in front of her and slides his penis into her mouth.

Watch Free Oral Sex sex videos from porn tube This category ated daily and only the best is added according to a special quality algorithm Always fresh XXX content Just watch the latest added Best Oral Sex movies and tons of new sex scenes Oral can be the main act of sex, or combined with other types of play. Enjoy a long slow session of tongue action, or squeeze in a hot oral quicky! How you do oral sex is up to you. Oral sex on a penis is called fellatio (or a blowjob), oral sex on a vulva is called cunnilingus (or eating pussy), oral sex on an anus is called anilingus (or The point is, oral sex matters-and it matters to her that it's more than mediocre. According to research, 30 to 50 percent of women say they can't reach an orgasm through intercourse alone

Talk about coordination. THE HOW TO The man sits on the side of the bed.

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Then simply get noshing. EXTRA CREDIT If the woman is stable enough, the man can use one hand to penetrate her or caress her body while the other one is wrapped around her waist for support.

Advanced Hungry Acrobats THE BENEFIT This position is perfect for budding porn stars: If you want to impress, this will certainly do the trick. Some women find the head rush adds an extra thrill, too.

The woman does a handstand and the man picks her up until her face is in line with his genitals. She then wraps her thighs around his neck and leans forward to suck him.

The man has the bulk of the power here as he can raise and lower the woman to control the rhythm. However, the woman can also move up and down by using her thigh muscles. However, this is not advised in the slightest unless you are trained gymnasts or circus performers. THE HOW TO The woman spreads her legs wide and touches her toes. The man sits behind her and dives in, clasping his hands around her back to pull her deeper into his face.

Tunnel of Love THE BENEFIT Talk about visually inspiring! By leaning her head back, she extends her neck, making deep-throat so much easier.

THE HOW TO The man lies on his back with his knees bent and feet flat on the bed. The woman gets into the crab position above him, with her genitals above his face and her head dangling back, mouth open, ready to receive her man.

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Reading a woman's body language is the best way to monitor the amount of pressure and speed you should use-and she can help you set the pace. But you want to apply a point of resistance," says Kerner, noting that-just as when a woman is on top during intercourse-you can allow her to control movement and pressure as you go down on her.

And, of course, it helps to pay attention to what she's doing up above. Nonverbal cues, like a squeeze of your hand, clenching the sheets or running her fingers through your hair, are easy to follow. Not harder or faster, just exactly the same way," says Adler. WHAT SHE SAYS: "Don't be afraid to play with the clit. Even a little very light biting is welcome to me. Use your fingers as extra instruments.

Oral Sex: Self Fellatio The mouth to penis stimulation is called fellatio, the oral sex for be practiced on men. The mouth approach of your own sexual organ is known as self-fellatio. It calls for a great deal of flexibility given the range of motion required to get it done The ultimate guide to pleasuring your woman is here! Become a master and learn the art of giving oral sex on a woman. Truly understand what women really want Oral Sex Guide: What Women Really Want. Pleasing your partner doesn't have to be guess work. Find out what the experts-and real women-have to say about going south of the cienciapaladina.comted Reading Time: 6 mins

When combined with direct clitoral stimulation, finger action is the key to turning a little G-spot teasing into a full-blown orgasm. As you lick her clitoris with your tongue, "slowly and gently insert a well-lubed-and well-coiffed-finger into the vaginal canal," suggests Adler.

Then move your fingers gently in and out of her vaginal canal while pressing firmly upward. WHAT SHE SAYS: "I think at least 50 percent of oral sex should be good hand-work.

Free oral sex guide

Mix up positions. To explore different types of oral sex maneuvers, check out the Men's Health Position Playbook. WHAT SHE SAYS: "It helps to know the roadmap!

But if you're feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand, you can always slow down and ask for directions. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Life-Changing Power of Resilience.

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