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The furore created by the response to video nasties led to the introduction of the Video Recordings Act which imposed a stricter code of censorship on videos than was required for cinema release.

Several major studio productions ended up being banned on video, falling within the scope of legislation designed to control the distribution of video nasties.

Due to a legislative mistake discovered in Augustthe Video Recordings Act was repealed and re-enacted without change by the Video Recordings Act Not Rated 90 min Horror. A priest-doctor chasing a man with supernatural regenerative abilities, who has recently escaped from a medical lab, reaches a small town where the mutant goes on a killing spree.

Director: Joe D'Amato Stars: George EastmanAnnie BelleCharles BorromelKatya Berger. Votes: 2, Absurd - released theatrically with 2 minutes 32 seconds cut in The video was uncut but was withdrawn post VRA, and has never been re-submitted for classification. It has a release in the United States uncut under the title Horrible. This movie was prosecuted. Originally released in both a cut and uncut version with identical sleeve design by Medusa Home Video in The original tape is a sought after and is an expensive collectable among fans.

R 95 min Horror, Sci-Fi.

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Baron Frankenstein creates two "zombies" - one male, one female - planning to mate them in order to create a master race. Directors: Paul MorrisseyAntonio Margheriti Stars: Joe DallesandroUdo KierDalila Di LazzaroMonique van Vooren. Passed with 56 seconds cut in ; released uncut in In the United States, the film was marketed as Andy Warhol's Frankenstein, and was presented in the Space-Vision 3D process in premiere engagements.

It was rated X by the MPAA, due to its explicit sexuality and violence.

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A 3-D version also played in Australia inalong with Blood for Dracula, its obvious pairing. In the '70s, a 3-D version played in Stockholm, Sweden and in London, England. In subsequent US DVD releases, the film was retitled Flesh for Frankenstein, while the original title was used in other regions. The gruesomeness of the action was intensified in the original release by the use of 3-D, with several dismbowelments being shot from a perspective such that the internal organs are thrust towards the camera.

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R 92 min Horror. A group of friends and a hitchhiker become stranded on a tourist island where they are stalked by a disfigured cannibalistic killer who is prowling the island after killing its residents. Director: Joe D'Amato Stars: Tisa FarrowSaverio ValloneSerena GrandiMargaret Mazzantini. Votes: 5, Released with approximately 2 minutes of pre-cuts as The Grim Reaper in It has a release in the United States uncut under the title Antropophagus: The Grim Reaper.

Anthropophagous: The Beast was released in the United Kingdom in uncut by VFP. It soon became one of the infamous titles to feature on the government's Department of Public Prosecutions list DPPbetter known to the tabloid press as the "Video Nasty" list. It was later successfully prosecuted under the Obscene Publications Act in Anthropophagous: The Beast also saw another release in the UK, prior to its banning from a very small video company known as Videoshack. This release, although cut, is highly collectible among fans today due to its extremely scarce existence.

The film would be released theatrically in America as The Grim Reaper around fall of from former independent distribution company Film Ventures International. In a heavily edited version to get an R rating and dubbed. Not Rated 67 min Horror.

An Egyptian caterer kills various women in suburban Miami to use their body parts to revive a dormant Egyptian goddess while an inept police detective tries to track him down. Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis Stars: William KerwinMal Arnol Connie MasonLyn Bolton.

During the early s home video boom, the film was released uncut (save for an incidental, gore-free scene with the comedy cops, and the end credit roll) as a video that did not fall under their remit at the time. This changed when the "video nasty" scare which The secret life inside the depraved family who live in the hills of a quiet country town. THIS is life inside the depraved family whose incest and squalor hidden in the hills of a quiet country Charlize Theron has joined the growing list of actresses who have had racy images of themselves leaked onto the Web after having their cell phones hacked. The " Snow White and the Huntsman

Released with 23 seconds cut in ; re-released uncut in Blood Feast immediately became notorious for its explicit gore and violence. It is the oldest film to have appeared on the UK video nasty list. It is also often cited erroneously as one of the first films to show people dying with their eyes open earlier examples include D. Griffith's film The Country Doctor, the film The Public Enemy and the film Psycho.

Not Rated 81 min Horror. Three married couples are forced to spend the night in a Victorian-era house where they start getting killed off by a deranged psycho who's bent on claiming an inheritance they are all entitled to.

Director: Andy Milligan Stars: Veronica RadburnMaggie RogersHal BorskeAnne Linden. Votes: Not Rated 90 min Horror, Mystery, Thriller. Director: Jesus Franco Stars: Olivia PascalChristoph MoosbruggerNadja GerganoffJasmin Losensky. Bloody Moon - released with 1 minute 20 seconds cut in ; released uncut November The film was made available on DVD for the first time in the United States by Severin Films in This version restores all of the gore scenes, including the infamous circular saw, beheading scene.

R 91 min Horror. A former summer camp caretaker, horribly burned from a prank gone wrong, lurks around an upstate New York summer camp bent on killing the teenagers responsible for his disfigurement.

Director: Tony Maylam Stars: Brian MatthewsLeah AyresBrian BackerLarry Joshua. Votes: 17, Released with 19 seconds cut in ; re-released uncut in United Kingdom The Burning found itself at the center of some controversy in the early s when the uncut version of the film was released on videotape by the British video label Thorn-EMI; the company was supposed to release the slightly trimmed version passed by the British Board of Film Classification.

The tapes were impounded under the Obscene Publications Act, and The Burning was added to the video nasties list. The two major scenes of contention were Cropsy's frantic mass-murder spree in the raft massacre sequence and the sight of a pair of scissors piercing a woman's flesh in the post-title sequence.

Vipco released a truncated version in the early s, missing about thirty seconds' worth of Savini's gore effects, but by the censor board was ready to pass the uncut version.

United States The Burning was released on DVD in North America for the first time ever on 11 September by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The DVD contains several extras, including a commentary by director Tony Maylam, a featurette covering Savini's make-up effects, a stills gallery and the theatrical trailer.

Despite the DVD cover displaying the 'R' rating, the print used is the full uncut version. R 96 min Horror, Thriller. Mentally unstable Vietnam vets who were held captive by the Vietcong come back to America after being rescued carrying a dangerous virus that turns people into cannibals when bitten.

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Director: Antonio Margheriti Stars: John SaxonElizabeth TurnerGiovanni Lombardo RadiceCinzia De Carolis. Votes: 3, Cannibal Apocalypse - released with 2 seconds cut in The film was available uncut on UK video back in the early s, but found its way onto the government's "Video Nasties" list, and the distributors were successfully prosecuted for obscenity.

The film was finally re-released in the UK inbut cut out a brief 2 second shot during the 'sewer shootout' in which some a rat gets splattered with burning napalm, as the BBFC felt this was in breach of the "Cruelty to Animals" act. Not Rated 93 min Adventure, Horror. Three friends set out to disprove cannibalism on a trip to the Amazonian jungle, where they meet two men trying to escape a vicious cannibal tribe.

Director: Umberto Lenzi Stars: Giovanni Lombardo RadiceLorraine De SelleDanilo MatteiZora Kerova. Votes: 9, Released with approximately 6 minutes of pre-cuts plus 6 seconds of additional cuts in Cannibal Ferox was released uncut on video in the United Kingdom circa by Replay, but the film's transgressive imagery and scenes of unjustifiable real animal torture and slaughter resulted in the film promptly being banned under the Obscene Publications Act, finding itself languishing for years on the video nasties list.

The most complete version currently available on DVD in the UK is missing around six minutes of footage chiefly of animal crueltywhich was pre-cut before being given to the BBFC for a rating. In the United States, Cannibal Ferox aka Make them Die Slowly "original, uncensored director's cut" was released by Grindhouse Releasing in the late s.

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Grindhouse Releasing is still the sole official licensed distributor of the film in North America. Unrated 95 min Adventure, Horror.

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During a rescue mission into the Amazon rainforest, a professor stumbles across lost film shot by a missing documentary crew. Director: Ruggero Deodato Stars: Robert KermanFrancesca CiardiPerry PirkanenLuca Barbareschi.

Votes: 52, Released in with 5 minutes 44 seconds cut to remove most animal cruelty and rape scenes; new version approved with 15 seconds cut in Cannibal Holocaust achieved notoriety as its graphic violence aroused a great deal of controversy. After its premiere in Italy, it was seized by a local magistrate, and Deodato was arrested on obscenity charges. He was charged with making a snuff film due to rumors that claimed some actors were killed on camera.

Although Deodato was later cleared, the film was banned in Italy, Australia, and several other countries due to its disturbing portrayal of graphic brutality, sexual assault, and animal violence.

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Some nations have since revoked the ban, but the film is still banned in several countries. Critics have suggested that the film is a commentary about civilized versus uncivilized society.

Since its original release, Cannibal Holocaust has been the target of censorship by moral and animal activists. Other than graphic gore, the film contains several scenes of sexual violence and genuine cruelty to animals, issues which find Cannibal Holocaust in the midst of controversy to this day. Due to this notoriety, Cannibal Holocaust has been marketed as having been banned in over 50 countries.

InEntertainment Weekly magazine named Cannibal Holocaust as the 20th most controversial film of all-time. Cannibal Holocaust also faced censorship issues in countries around the world.

Invideo releases were not required to pass before the British Board of Film Classification BBFC for certification in the UK. Cannibal Holocaust was released straight-to-video there, thus circumventing the possible banning of the film. Inthe Department of Public Prosecutions compiled a list of 72 video releases that were not brought before the BBFC for certification and declared them prosecutable for obscenity. This list of "video nasties" included Cannibal Holocaust, which was successfully prosecuted and banned.

The film was also banned in Australia, Norway, Finland, New Zealand and several other countries in Inthe film was banned in its entirety by the OFLC in New Zealand. Cuts to retain an R18 classification were offered by the Office, but they were eventually refused. Inafter numerous versions with extensive mandated cuts had been released in years prior, the BBFC waived all but one of their previous edits, passing Cannibal Holocaust with 15 seconds of cuts.

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It was determined that the only scene that breached the BBFC's guidelines was the killing of a coatimundi, and the BBFC acknowledged that previous cuts were reactionary to the film's reputation.

The film is still forbidden in other countries. For example, The Film Censorship Board of Malaysia banned the film outright in Malaysia due to "Extremely high impact violence and offensive depictions of cruelty" and is still banned.

The film was later rejected in Singapore due to "very high impact violence and offensive depictions of animal cruelty that may cause controversy in Singapore". InThe film was banned outright in Iceland due to "very high impact violence and offensive depictions of both human and animal cruelty". As ofthe film is still banned in Malaysia, Singapore, Iceland, Germany, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, Iran and New Zealand.

R 98 min Crime, Drama, Thriller. After slaughterhouse worker Marcos accidentally kills a man during a fight, he begins to lose his grip on sanity. As his brutal crimes escalate and the body count grows, the killer must find a way to dispose of his victims.

Director: Eloy de la Iglesia Stars: Vicente ParraEmma CohenEusebio PoncelaCharly Bravo. Votes: 1, The Cannibal Man - released with 3 seconds cut in The early 80s UK video made the DPP's list and was successfully prosecuted, but only made the list due to it's 'cannibal' title. Apart from some slaughterhouse footage, this is not a very violent film, and would almost certainly be released uncut in the UK if it was submitted now.

Not Rated min Horror.

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A Vietnam veteran heads to an island inhabited by cannibals to save a kidnapped model not only from her kidnappers, but also from the cannibals' lurking Devil god. Director: Jesus Franco Stars: Ursula BuchfellnerAl CliverAntonio MayansAntonio do Cabo. R 82 min Horror, Thriller. Director: James Bryan Stars: Nick Clelan Mary Gail ArtzJames P. HaydenAngie Brown. Released uncut in with a 15 rating.

In the s, the film was deemed as a video nasty in the United Kingdom, and subsequently banned by issuance of the Video Recordings Act. Aside from an early rare video release, it was not available for rent or sale since then in the UK until when it was released uncut on DVD with a 15 certificate.

It was released on DVD by Code Red inwith a director supervised transfer, two audio commentaries, a one hour featurette, and many more extras. It was classified as R18 in New Zealand for its violence. Not Rated 96 min Drama, Horror, Thriller. An artist slowly goes insane while struggling to pay his bills, work on his paintings, and care for his two female roommates, which leads him taking to the streets of New York after dark and randomly killing derelicts with a power drill.

Director: Abel Ferrara Stars: Abel FerraraCarolyn MarzBaybi DayHarry Schultz.

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Votes: 7, Released with 54 seconds of pre-cuts in ; re-released uncut in ; now considered to be in public domain. Many cut versions of the movie still exist, which show scenes of drilling into heads and abdomens blacked-out. The uncut version of the movie does show certain parts blanked out using the colour red, most notably the final scene.

The film was released theatrically in America without controversy in In the United Kingdom, however, the reaction to the video release was very different. Inthe UK distributors of Driller Killer, Vipco Video Instant Picture Company took out full page advertisements in a number of movie magazines showing the video's violently explicit cover, depicting a man being drilled through the forehead by the Driller Killer.

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The tagline for the advertising and video box was : "There are those who kill violently. The film was lumped together with other "video nasties" released at the time and a vociferous campaign was launched by the press to ban them all.

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Driller Killer was added to the list of banned UK films on 4 Julyjust a year after its release date. According to Mike Bor, the Principal Examiner at the British Board of Film Classification, "The Driller Killer was almost single-handedly responsible for the Video Recordings Act " under which it and others of the "video nasties" released at the time were banned in the U.

According to Brad Stevens, author of a biography on Abel Ferrara, the banning of the film was "almost entirely due to the cover of the video. R 97 min Horror. An outcast military cadet taps into a way to summon demons and cast spells on his tormentors through his computer. Director: Eric Weston Stars: Clint Howar R. ArmstrongJoe CorteseClaude Earl Jones.

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Released with 3 minutes 34 seconds cut in ; released uncut in The movie was once cited as a video nasty in the UK following its release on the Videospace label. It remained banned for a number of years as part of the Video Recordings Actthanks to its gory climax and themes of satanism. The film was reclassified and re-released in but with over three minutes of cuts which included the removal of most of the gore from the climax. It was then subsequently passed complete by the BBFC in and is now available in both an uncut form and a version re-edited by the distributors to tighten up the dialogue.

Anton LaVey, the late founder and High Priest of the Church of Satan, was a great fan of the film and considered it to be very Satanic. Actor Clint Howard said that director Eric Weston's original version of the film that was submitted to the MPAA was longer, and contained more blood, gore, and nudity than the unrated version of the film. To date this version of the film has never been released on Blu-Ray, DVD, or VHS.

R 84 min Horror, Thriller. A paranoid writer is unable to get started on his second novel. He hires a secretary and then his troubles really begin. Director: James Kenelm Clarke Stars: Udo KierLinda HaydenFiona Richmon Patsy Smart.

Released with 51 seconds cut in The current UK version rated 18 has 3 cuts- most of a rape scene, all of Suzanne's death, and the shot of her dead in the shower there was plenty of blood on her naked body so cuts were required. There is 51s cut in total. In a documentary on the DVD of Blood on Satan's Claw Hayden says that this is the only movie she regrets making and was not the film she had made originally.

Not Rated min Documentary, Horror. Director: John Alan Schwartz Stars: Michael CarrSamuel BerkowitzMary Ellen BrightonThomas Noguchi. R 82 min Crime, Drama, Thriller. A mean trashy exploitation picture about three convicts who escape from jail and hole up at the house of a black minister.

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There are a few nasty scenes where the minister's family is being See full summary. Director: Robert A. Endelson Stars: Robert Jud Catherine PeppersLela SmallYvonne Ross. No UK re-release. Fight For Your Life was denied a British theatrical release inbut a video release the following year allowed the public brief access to the film before it wound up on the video nasties list and was outlawed.

It is notable for being the only 'video nasty' to appear on the list due to language, specifically the racism displayed by Sanderson's character. Briefly available in the United Kingdom on - video label Vision On, released circabut outlawed with the advent of the Video Recordings ActFight For Your Life was denied a British cinema release when it was rejected by the BBFC in October Fight For Your Life remains unavailable in the UK, in any form, but in the United States it was recently reissued by Blue Underground in a fully remastered DVD treatment.

Not Rated 86 min Horror. A New England home is terrorized by a series of murders, unbeknownst to the guests that a gruesome secret is hiding in the basement. Director: Lucio Fulci Stars: Catriona MacCollPaolo MalcoAnia PieroniGiovanni Frezza. Votes: 13, Passed with over 4 minutes cut in ; re-released with 33 seconds cut in ; released uncut in In the United Kingdom, the film has had a history of problems with the BBFC over the years.

The original cinema version was heavily cut with edits to the poker murder and the slashing of Ann's throat, and this print was later released on video prior to the UK's Video Recordings Act and subsequently banned as a video nasty.

The film was made officially available inthough the print had been pre-edited by 34 seconds removing the cinema cuts and then additionally cut by 4 minutes 11 seconds with further cuts to the opening stabbing, the bat attack, Norman's throat being torn out by Freudstein and tracking shots of mutilated bodies in the basement.

The film was again released in though this print had been heavily pre-cut by the distributors and removed 7 minutes 27 seconds of footage, thus rendering much of the film unintelligible. The Vipco DVD issue restored nearly all of the film's prior edits but was cut by 33 secs by the BBFC with lesser edits made to the poker murder and a throat cutting. Although willing to release the movie uncut, the film had recently been prosecuted under the Obscene Publications Act following the discovery of bootleg copies of the uncut version, leaving the BBFC no choice but to cut the film.

All the cuts were finally waived for the Arrow DVD. The Anchor Bay DVD version was later released uncut, containing all the gore and violence from the original version. The film was released by Blue Underground on Blu-ray as well as a new DVD edition on 25 October with a new 2K transfer.

Not Rated 91 min Horror, Thriller. Two low-life punks invite themselves to a party at a posh villa and after being taunted by their snobbish hosts, hold everyone hostage and subject them to various forms of torture and mayhem.

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Director: Ruggero Deodato Stars: David HessAnnie BelleChristian BorromeoGiovanni Lombardo Radice. The House on the Edge of the Park - Released with 11 minutes 43 seconds cut in ; re-released with 42 seconds cut in The House on the Edge of the Park was initially rejected for a UK cinema certificate by the BBFC when first submitted in Marchand later found itself on the DPP list of "video nasties" when it was revealed that the uncut version was readily available on UK video.

When it was eventually passed by the BBFC in Julyit was cut by 11 minutes and 43 secs, with almost all of the rape and violence either replaced or removed entirely. It was resubmitted in and received an almost uncut release, now only being cut at 37 seconds. The USA Media Blasters release is completely uncut at 91 minutes. Once during an interview about the making of the film, Ruggero Deodato was asked about his initial thoughts of the script when he first read it.

He responded: "I thought it was too violent.

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I make violent films, but softer ones. But this film was full of violence, and that made me uncomfortable. When I met David Hess, I thought that with my direction I could make him do anything. But when I first read it, I found it quite disturbing.

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The House on the Edge of the Park is one of the films included in their remit to examine. R min Horror, Thriller. An aspiring writer is repeatedly gang-raped, humiliated, and left for dead by four men whom she systematically hunts down to seek revenge. Director: Meir Zarchi Stars: Camille KeatonEron TaborRichard PaceAnthony Nichols. Votes: 26, I Spit on Your Grave - Released with 7 minutes 2 seconds cut in ; re-released with 3 minutes cut in The film received a limited release, with a wider release in Prominent film critics condemned the film for its graphic violence and lengthy depictions of gang rape, and the motion picture remains controversial to this day.

The film was named in one of TIME's Top 10 Ridiculously Violent Movies. Many nations, such as Ireland, Norway, Iceland, and West Germany, banned the film altogether, claiming that it "glorified violence against women". Canada initially banned the film, but in the s decided to allow its individual provinces to decide whether to permit its release. Sincesome provinces such as Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Quebec have released the film, with a rating that reflects its content.

Inthe film survived an appeal to ban it. It continued to be sold untilwhen another reclassification caused its ban in Australia.

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The Office of Film and Literature Classification justified this decision by reasoning that castration is not sexual violence Australian censorship law forbids the release of films that depict scenes of sexual violence as acceptable or justified. In the United Kingdom, the film was branded a "video nasty". It appeared on the Director of Public Prosecutions's list of prosecutable films untilwhen a heavily-cut version of was released with an 18 certificate.

In New Zealand, the uncut version of the film minutes was classified in as R20 with the descriptive note "Contains graphic violence, content may disturb". Other versions with shorter running times 96 minutes were also classified in an and received the same classification.

The Irish Film Board has again banned the film from sale. Having been banned for many years in the country, the new Blu-ray and DVD uncensored edition has been prohibited from purchase by retailers due to the nature of the film. Not Rated min Horror, Romance. Director: Nico Mastorakis Stars: Bob BehlingJane LyleJessica DublinGerard Gonalons.

Votes: 4, Island of Death - Refused a video certificate in as Psychic Killer II; released with 4m 9s cut in ; released uncut September Not Rated 86 min Horror, War. The Beast is a rapacious, squat, mongoloid sex fiend which she uses to torture and molest female prisoners while the Nazis watch.

Director: Luigi Batzella Stars: Macha MagallGino TuriniEdilio KimXiro Papas. The Beast in Heat, SS Hell Camp - no UK re-release. This is one of many so-called video nasties about fictionalized World War II Nazi POW camp atrocities. The film is currently banned in Australia due to offensive depictions of sexual violence and extreme impact violence throughout. The film is also currently banned in the UK as well. The film continues to be re-issued in various formats VHS, DVD.

Due to the film's graphic nature, It has been banned from several countries and remains banned in some countries to this day.

Inthe Australian Classification Board banned the film for "excessive sexual violence" and the film remains banned in Australia to this day. The " Snow White and the Huntsman " beauty entered the ranks of Scarlett Johansson, et al. Giant stuffed kittens? Rubber-masked gimps?

Who knew Theron was such a kinkster? And lest anyone think this was an April Fools' Day hoax, Theron posted a video response to the hacking, revealing that yes, in fact, the fetishistic footage was indeed for real.

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