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I'm easily pleased and entertained so i'm never bored and i find things to keep myself busy or entertain myself.

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The simplest things make me happy. I worked for almost 4hrs tonight, and it was fun working with brooke. i've never closed with her before and it was beyond fun. She's so cute and she looks like taylor swift. in my opinion. just wish she didn't cover her beauty with all that makeup but hey whatever floats her boat. I found out that she wants to be a special needs teacher, like me:D:D her and i got so excited about that.

At work i was dancing around and shaking my booty, i didn't care who was watching i refused to be bored at work, since it was sooo slow tonight. More and more that i'm thinking about it the more and more i want it to happen. Me not making more than 50k a year.

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It's not that i want to be poor, but there is something i just love about struggling. haha ok that may sound funny. I love going to sales. I love it all. I can't explain it.

I guess because i grew up with it, and it was so fun and i always felt so at home in low class, poor areas. I feel off and not myself in rich areas, or around things that are really richy. I have nothing against rich people or people that buy really rich things, but i feel so homey, and comfortable in poor, low class houses, or areas, middle class as well.

I LOVE handme downs, i love re gifts from familys, that have been passed down. I love things that are old and have been in the family forever. I love using "ghetto" things. I'm not saying i don't like buying things when i need to, but i like shopping at the doller store, and not buying really expensive things and clothes. Haha never mind i can't explain myself.

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Tantrum Facebook: www. Tantrum Marketplace Store: marketplace. Music ???? www. Lia -Jeans.

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Available at BigGirl June 15th to July 5th. gif media.

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See it Inworld: maps. JAY COURLEY thank you for the tatto. Natalia -Dress. My Blog has all the details.

Or contact Willahmina on Flickr. I had been planning for quite sometime of a photo and scenario that I want to take. I tped around and typed many name on the search until I found this place. This place is so beautiful.

I explored a little I will explore more when I'm free and when I saw this swing, tried the poses and I love it. I decided to postpone the photo I had planned and go with this one. It doesn't take me long as I don't have to look for any poses. A few days later while fishing, Havanna asked me what I'm doing and asked for a tp.

Then she sent tp to Nan, and she was still dancing when she reached the place. Then Havanna and her asked me to dance with them. I said I'm going to passed, I just got out of hosting and I don't want to see my av's wiggle her booty but both of them insisted, finally I joined them. I have such a soft heart sometime hehehe jell - O anyone?

Anyway, Nan imed me and we started to talked about SF. Then I told both of them to smack my butt so they can dance on my dance hud. I added a lot of dance that I bought in the dance hud.

3, Followers, 0 Following, 10 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Big Arab Booty (@cienciapaladina.coms) We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the "beautiful booty girls" Flickr tag

I also have a lot of other dance hud I bought along the way. Nan was interested in the dance hud so I told her where to get it. Then a guy by the name of Ednist came, I thought it was Havanna's hunk, so I teased her and we all chatted on the local chat.

They were mentioning about him having a new look.

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I didn't zoom or look at him because I'm not in the habit to do so. I hardly look at anyone unless they im me of which I will look in a glance.

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The guy's name was Ednist which I was not familiar with. Beside my screen was full with the fishing hud, inventory where I always organise while fishing, window chat and a photo of the item I planned to get. Anyway, Nan was mentioning about Sequel and said this is the new Sequel. But I told her I bought the dance and added to the dance hud.

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I don't want her to ask me why my dance differed from the one that she will camp on for free. Then she said she had to leave to visit for a while with Sequel. I asked Sequel? Then I said ah the tv show. Then she said he changed his av's. When she said that, I said who is he? She said, "lol you know?

I'm so lazy to snoop at their face. Then she left and Ednist left too. Then I realised, she was talking about Ednist whose nickname is Sequel hahahaha So I said," Oh, he is your boyfriend and damnit I forgot".

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I thought it was Havanna's hunk. She thought I remembered. Then I realised he went with us once or maybe twice on a contest we used to go to about a year ago or more. Yes, his used the name Sequel on his tag.

I guess that was why I don't know who is Ednist on the local chat lol. In the future, I will be aware of anyone around me and look at them closely to avoid the confusion. Then, I said you girls confused me and I thought Ednist is Havanna, Sequel is another guy and thought Sequel is a tv show lol.

Then she said I confused her hehehe.

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We were laughing so hard. So I said I'm going to flickr blog about this and hope she doesn't mind if I use her name or I can use a nickname. She said she doesn't care and asked for the link.

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I always asked my friends first if I can use their name and as for strangers I will create their nickname. I gave her the link to my flickr, and I told her it will take me a few days to write about it, edit, find a song, etc. I told her to create a flickr account too. She thought I was joking and I'm dead serious when asking my friend to create a flickr account. Submit By opting to have your ticket verified for this movie, you are allowing us to check the email address associated with your Rotten Tomatoes account against an email address associated with a Fandango ticket purchase for the same movie.

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View All Videos 1. View All Photos Movie Info. Vin Diesel stars as former extreme sports athlete Xander "XXX" Cage, notorious for his death-defying public stunts.

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Betting he can succeed where other conventional spies have failed, Xander is recruited by NSA Agent Gibbons Samuel L. Jackson to become a different kind of undercover agent. Enlisted for a dangerous covert mission, he must use all his extreme skills to combat a clever, organized, and ruthless enemy far beyond the scope of his experience.

PG Language Drug Content Nonstop Action Sequences Sensuality Violence. Rob Cohen. Neal H. Rich Wilkes. Aug 9, wide.

Apr 16, Revolution Studios.

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Dolby SR, DTS, Dolby Stereo, Surround, SDDS, Dolby A, Dolby Digital. Vin Diesel Xander "XXX" Cage. Asia Argento Yelena. Marton Csokas Yorgi. Samuel L. Jackson Agent Augustus Gibbons. Danny Trejo El Jefe. Michael Roof Toby Lee Shavers. Tom Everett Senator Dick Hotchkiss. Richy Muller Milan Sova. Werner Daehn Kirill.

Eve J. Leila Arcieri Jordan King. William Hope Agent Roger Donnan. Tony Hawk Caddy Driver.

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Brian Deegan Extreme Guy. Mike Vallely Skater. Rob Wells Hillside Video Shooter.

critics consensus. It has an endearing lack of seriousness, and Vin Diesel has more than enough muscle for the starring role, but ultimately, XXX is a missed opportunity to breathe new life into Browse 2, 15 year old girls in swimwear stock photos and images available or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. teenage girls wearing bikinis - 15 year old girls in swimwear stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. two young women and two teenage girls (, ) playing in ocean - 15 year old girls in Woo, woo, woo, woo. Woo, woo, woo, woo. Dance with my dogs in the nighttime (wroof) Trap nigga with the chickens like Popeye's (Popeye's) Money changin' colors like tie-dye (tie-dye) I'm just tryna get it, I ain't tryna die (whoa) She got a big ol' onion booty, make the world cry (cry) In the kitchen, wrist twistin' like a stir fry (whip it)

Rick Thorne Self. Cary Hart Caddy Passenger. Colin McKay Van Driver. Jason Ellis Van Video Shooter. Moritz Producer.

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Vin Diesel Executive Producer. George Zakk Executive Producer.

Todd Garner Executive Producer. Arne Schmidt Executive Producer. Rich Wilkes Writer. Dean Semler Director of Photography.

Gavin Bocquet Production Designer. Joel Negron Film Editor. Paul Rubell Film Editor. Chris Lebenzon Film Editor. Creighton Bellinger Co-Producer. Derek Dauchy Co-Producer. Sanja Milkovic Hays Costume Designer. Joel Hynek Visual Effects Supervisor.

Kathy Nelson Music Supervisor. Kate Dowd Casting. Ronna Kress Casting. Rob Cohen Director. Weekly Ketchup: Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer Are Writing A Comedy Together. Photos: 24 Most Destructive Movie Spies.

June 24, Full Review. August 23, Rating: 1. August 9, Full Review. September 8, Rating: 3. July 14, Rating: 2. View All Critic Reviews Jul 30, Basically this is an American James Bond film made for 12 year olds, Full of over the top action which I never really liked as it ruins the whole film for me, But it's pretty fun at times, Predictable but fun, Maybe the age certificate didn't help in the action scenes though, Although it's pretty poor acted and the one liners and dialogue were pretty awful Vin Diesel was fun to watch as he wasn't a morbid, Croaky bore like he usually is he actually looked like he wanted to be there for once, The plot is Ripped off from every Bond film so we know what's going to happen and when, If I reviewed this when I was 12 I'd of given it 5 stars but age and maturity kicked in and it gets a solid 3 stars just for being brain dead fun.

Jamie C Super Reviewer. Jan 17, If any future filmmakers are looking for inspiration in the guilty-pleasure high octane action genre, xXx is exactly the film to look into.

Teen Girls and Sex. April 12, BOB ABERNETHY, anchor: Now, a special report on the sexual pressures on pre-teenage girls. Parents, social critics, and many young girls themselves deplore it Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins

What's not to like about it? Heck, even the horribly awful things are entertaining. xXx certainly has fun action, but that's about it.

The humor is there, but in no way do I believe it's intentionally funny. And the characters are pretty awful. Or, at least the dialogue coming out of their mouths is awful. But does a film like this really need to have great dialogue?

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