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Nick and Lins travel the world, visiting naturist resorts including DeAnza Springs, in California in the US, pictured.

The couple's internet presence aimed both to showcase their fun adventures, and provide information on the naturist lifestyle, and nude-friendly resorts across the world. Nick and Lins quickly became aware they'd pinpointed a gap in the market.

Sure, there were plenty of travel Instagram influencers posing against backdrops of stunning scenery. But all of them had their clothes on.

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Lins says a highlight of their adventures so far was a stunning beach in Colombia, in Tayrona National Park. There's just the National Park and you can spend the night there," says Lins.

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But once you're there, it's beautiful. It's one of the most beautiful beaches that I've ever seen.

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Nick, meanwhile, spotlights the nude beaches of Portugal and all the options afforded by France's activist naturist scene.

Making connections and meeting like-minded naturists from across the world is also important to the couple.

Travel blogging has become their full-time occupation, although there have been some difficulties along the way. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have strict nudity rules, and Nick and Lins' posts always skirt the boundaries of what's allowed.

Clever cropping and artfully-placed objects usually allow them to get away with it, but their original Instagram account was shut down last year and they've since had to rebuild from scratch. Nick and Lins' photos always skirt the boundaries of social media nudity rules.

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They took this photo at naturist campsite Terme d'Astor, France. Still, they say they never had any hesitations about sharing their lives online.

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Your naked butt has been in the newspapers. Nick and Lins add that they're currently working on founding a social media platform for naturists.

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Naturism during the pandemic. The couple enjoy visiting naturist beaches, including this one at Bagheera in Corsica. Earlier in the pandemic, there were reports of a growing interest in naturism, as more people were confined to their homes, working and socializing virtually.

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In June, British Naturism's commercial manager Andrew Welch told CNN Travel there had been a rise in naturism over the course of the UK's lockdown.

Meanwhile in France, Laurent Luft, president of the Association des Naturistes de Paris ANPthe French capital's naturist group that dates back toechoed this sentiment.

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Nick and Lins say their travel blog has seen increased engagement during the lockdown, but they're wary about putting this down to a growing interest. One recent warm afternoon, about a dozen naked people relaxed on the lawn at Howell Park on the shores of Lake Washington.

Most of the sunbathers were men, laying on blankets or towels reading books, eating snacks, or resting with their eyes closed. The tiny park, known as Hidden Beach to longtime locals in the Madrona neighborhood, is surrounded by tall bushes that hide it from the road. He and Grandma picked blackberries from the overgrown bushes and played in the rocks.

Young Girls in Finland Are Pretending to Ride Horses - Inside the Prancing Phenomenon. Becoming a part of the country's growing hobbyhorse community allows the girls to express themselves , , , Today, Finland is a nation of million people and million saunas, found in homes, offices, factories, sports centres, hotels, ships and deep below the ground in Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins

Grandma swam out a few hundred feet for exercise. Here, Warnock overcame his fear of water.

sauna - finnish sauna stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Wellness, Woman in sauna, wellbeing, woman, nude, sweating, Finnish sauna. Finnish men rest as they spend the day at a public sauna in Helsinki on April 15, AFP PHOTO / JONATHAN NACKSTRAND Thirty-something Belgian couple Nick and Lins are naturists who travel the world unclothed, documenting their adventures on their blog, Naked Wanderings and

The norm was to visit the beach with clothes - but every so often a topless woman would appear, Warnock said, and Grandma hiked up the steep path home to call police. Grandma would not abide the nudity-no matter that she was an ardent feminist and civil rights activist.

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But she moved out of the neighborhood inand since then whether by coincidence or causation the small enclave is now overwhelmingly naked and gay.

Warnock asked KUOW, how did this beach become a haven for nudity?

Today the park is known as a safe and welcoming place for all bodies and sexualities, with or without clothing. And on this particular afternoon, boyfriends Elias Darling and Will Flannery walked down the path to the beach with their friend Emily Lipton.

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They said they come often for the mellow, accepting atmosphere. They carried blankets, sunscreen, and a picnic of salad, cheese, chicken strips and ranch dressing.

Being partially naked is okay. Going to a nude beach, participating in a parade, swimming naked - no big deal." SoundQs law and courts Seattle Seattle City Council history Brazilian Woman Walking Naked Down The Street. ViralPress. 4 years ago | K views. The stiletto-wearing brunette was seen walking naked down the busy mountain highway in Manhuacu, Brazil, carrying a drink and clothes in her left hand before firemen found her. Browse more videos The words "naked" and "Florida" have been used more than once over the years in headlines and sentences across multiple media outlets. This week it happened again

How could a nude beach flourish in the city? At one time, simply exposing genitals or female breasts was against city law.

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In August,an anonymous writer to the Seattle Gay News submitted a letter to the editor in support of topless self-expression at Denny-Blaine Beach. According to the Seattle Weekly, the Seattle Police Department kept their clothes as evidence.

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State law still prohibits crimes of indecent exposure.

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