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As just one white guy still looking, that has been married to a Filipina for 20 years, and has lived in the Philippines for a little while, apx 10 months, has visited Philippines, and has nieces and nephews there, I can honestly say what you have said is true.

When I was there every woman watched me every where I went. When I looked at them and smiled they would smile back, giggle, and generally seemed wowed that I would notice them. They all treated me with the best respect, it was very strange for me as I never was treated like that before. I felt like a rock star. as I said before I lived there, retired from work early with the expectation of marring the woman I had met on a previous visit.

Then she said she loved me and would marry me if I came back so I did, but little did I know then, she had a secret boy friend while I was living in her house shack, and even though I was building her a new home, she would secretly spend time with her boy friend and pretend it was her friend. Well eventually I found out whats what, but I still wanted her to drop him and marry me happily ever after, but she told me to leave because she was a faithful woman to the man she loved.

So I moved out, went to my nephews house in another town, before coming back here, USA. We are still friends but the love bubble I was in is gone. I deeply still want a Filipina for a wife, Yet now I am a little gun shy about jumping in blindly. I dated her for 2 years before I moved there, and visited her once, and I never saw the way it was.

I guess I am a hopeful romantic still, as I keep wanting to find just this one good woman who will Love me. But it was a little strange, I had a body guard every where i went. I miss the Philippines and the wonderful people I met there. Which means we are both Virgos.

I personally would not date a much younger women for many reasons. When a tall western man arrives in the Philippines you will quickly become aware of women watching you. I am living in Mindanao with my partner we are both school teachers.

Filipino male hairy

Here locally in Mindanao the attention is even more due to few western men living in the area, The way Filipina women look after their men is very different way to western women.

Like washing you. Show respect. I am mature enough to know why bother having other women when I am lucky enough to have beautiful woman in my bed. Let us have a reality check here. If you are an old bloke going to the Philippines to get a wife, with no knowledge of the language and customs or the culture your plan is already flawed, and almost certainly doomed to failure. When you meet at a young age, and intend to stay with your lady forever, you build your on language of love. This language is one that only you and your lover share, it both unites you, and separates you from others.

It is your own mythology, and from it the magic grows, that forms your relationship. Why do you think that so many marriages fail in the west? Couples are marrying later. older By then, you have both had many sexual partners, and there is no room for any magic to grow. She is just another woman, and you are just another man. Not THE one. You see it in the west too.

Some wealthy old guy marries a young lady, or even a lady nearer his own age. After a few years the marriage fails. It is the law of supply and demand at work. In the Philippines, you are supplying a wealthier, mature man, whom your lady can look up to. This is pure Keynesian economics at work. THE MARKET FINDS ITS OWN LEVEL. If it is your third or fourth marriageWhy will it work better than the others? To believe otherwise, is the triumph of hope over experience.

Instead of looking into getting a, la Filipina, you should be looking into a mirror. and asking. I met my lady when we were still just sixteen, withing 2 months we were lovers. Our intention was to wait until we were 18, then get married and have lots of beautiful mestizo babies.

Our love language evolved as follows. When she asked why? I explained, cono sounds like Coney in English, which is another term for Rabbit. It was also logically consistent, for it was, soft and furry, absolutely delicious, and jumped around a lot. She thought the term was cute and approved. Her term for my male part became: la barra de hierro australiano, or the Iron Bar for short. Which i took as a tremendous compliment. I also enjoyed the magic of seeing my lady change from being a girl, into being a woman, who knew what it was to love, and be loved by a man, and she saw me grow from being a boy, to become a man who could both love, and entertain a woman.

My contention is, of course, this is unlikely to happen in older, very disparate, in age relationships. Therefore the mythology and magic, never develop in the relationship. Thus, one of the major factors which hold a couple together never develop.

Notice how he said that the woman learned to love, and be loved by, a man, but he said he learned to love, and to entertain, a woman. So the real question you should know is what are the 2 best countries where age difference does not matter. In other words where a 60 yo could date a 23 yo without it being a big deal.

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She works as a caregiver. She is a divorcee with 4 children. Maybe, nothing will come of it. Maybe something will. I married a Filipino and I am under so much pressure to give her a baby its crazy.

Endless pressure from her and her family to have a baby. Sometimesmaybe to much pressure.

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We both now live in the uk. so i guess for usshes living the dream of a white guy. own modern apartment nice car.

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government jobmoney. the envy of her friends and family. but it comes with a great deal of hard work!!! This is so true! Not any kind of white man.

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I have my standards ofcourse! My past relationships were all with Filipino men. We were just friends and skyping every week for almost a year until we decided to meet in Japan. Yes, in Japan! I chose to meet outside the country to avoid the stereotypes. I even hid the reason of me traveling alone in Japan to my friends and cousins.

Btw, speaking of not being traditional. we paid for our own expenses, I saved funds for the trip.

the talented

We declared our feelings a few days after we got back to our own country. What answered this conflict was when I applied for a work visa in New Zealand.

I have no job yet but atleast I have the visa that would let me stay and work in NZ for a year. Maybe find an accredited company who would support us a visa that would let us stay in NZ permanently. We never talk about marriage. Interesting article. I have been single now for over 10 years and very reluctant to get married again after being cleaned up from the previous marriage.

I am from Australia, but I do find the lure of a sweet Pinay to be irresistible and I am now involved. I have been to visit her family in Cebu and without doubt they live in extreme poverty and of course they see me as an opportunity for a hand up.

And I am happy to see what I can do for them within reason of course. She is keen to get married but she also seems to respect my position and is not pressuring me to do so at this stage. I am still working and cant see myself living in the Philippines though she would love me to do so. I am finding that my concern in protecting what remains of my finances is affecting my enthusiasm.

Is there anyone out there that has successfully navigated those murky waters? Any advice?.

other than the obvious of course. Thank you. They always send money to there familys in Philippines. I know from experience and wish i was better informed about this. They are all like this. I love being able to help my Filipino family!

opinion, interesting

She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. God has blessed me so I can be a blessing to others. Meet one that was already with an older white guy. Btw, I have my own money so we eliminated money as an issue. Im a pinay, m8t my partner he from nz,we have daughterbut it alright even if he only visit me.

i not after of his citizenship,i only love him. I am looking for a bit of advise please. I have been chatting on Facebook to a young beautiful Filipino woman from Cagayan de Oro for some months now. We first started off just chatting about everyday things but now find that we have progressed to the point where we are declaring our love for each other. She has asked me to visit her and I intend to travel in May.

She said she will introduce me to her family and friends and take time off work to show me the sights. I am sure she is not a scammer but she has started talking about me being her future husband which did scare me a bit since I have not met her yet. I will probably be staying in a hotel so any recommendations will be appreciated and also can I ask, is it normal for Filipino women to rush into marriage.

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She has mentioned that eventually she would like to live and work in England so she can send money back to her family. I am sure she is genuine and she is extremely beautiful and I really want to meet her but I do not want to rush things and would like to visit her in The Philippines two or three times before I commit fully and would also like her to visit me in England so we can visit some places and she can get a better idea of life in England.

Hi Alan Filipino women do fall in love quickly. As to you becoming her husband she is pushing the pace. I want you I love you.

useful topic Even

I look forward to having a romantic time with you during my Visit. Leave marriage out of the equation until you are both ready. Much depends on your age. Can you stay in the Phillippines a long time.

If you have a career and you are working and only have holidays up to three weeks long. Then much of the year your only connection will be the internet. I am 62 living with my Filipina partner near Cagyan de oro. In England many couples live together before marriage. This is how I am living with my partner, Enjoy your holiday in May. Be happy together she will wait if she truly loves you. Take the lead.

Be her man. Dont do it man, run for your life. She will be asking you to support her cousin nefuew niece mother father sisters and all her family and expect you to send thousands. Then while living together she will try and control hou telling you that you cant go out or do what you want. They lay there with no life. She had to send money home after marrying you. They will say you are selfish and they will be mad at your wife for it.

To be fair though, she has to get you to commit soon. She believes that if she dates you for three years, and does not get married, then her chances of marrying some one else go way down.

She knows that just a few years of age makes a big difference in the Philippines when attracting guys. I know that sounds silly to us, but not to a Filipino girl. Beware your finances! Many pinay women love to hit the casinos. I found out first hand. Though she was very beautiful and I loved her with all my heart, all she wanted to do is gamble. Yes, the afore mentioned is true about marriage. This woman was already in America. Brought over by her first husband who was a Marine.

She put him 25k in debt by her gambling with his credit cards.

They had 3 kids together as well. She divorced him after he canceled the cards and left him with the 3 girls they had and moved to California. He told me how they met She was a stripper in the Philippines. He said many filipina women are. Just some FYI for all. She also admitted to the same. Totally agree. Try to look for professional Filipina women. A lot of them dream about marrying white men too! Sebastian, Kamusta ka?

I have had a sorry experience online with scammers. And this scammer followed me with new profiles because I was easy target. Originally I have dream of beautiful marriage with faithful woman.

Now I begin to think any Filipina who marry will do so solely to get out of country. But it was all just a scam and they go on from there. I met so many sweet girls on this site and none of them asked me for money. this woman in vedio ive seen them in youtube. I sense something not pure about the pinay. Saving up for a trip to Manila. How do Filipinas feel about single fathers? The wages in the Philippines are very low. Then she has other deductions. She has worked abroad to be able to buy her own home.

Western women are more materialistic than Filipina ladies. Now we are living together she has no worries. She becomes this feminine sensual passionate woman. Who enjoys caring for you. To the guy who says about Filipino women who date white guys in Dubaiok first off, Filipino women there have bad reputation on that part of the world.

Filipino women accuse Filipino men of cheating? Well guess what, the women are no better! In Philippine adultery, it takes two tango hun. One cried a lot when her German boyfriend got abusive towards her.

This was back in the late s in Cebu. I find it despicable really. Ugly propaganda. The final nail in the coffin for me on zero attraction to white men was when my family moved to Australia around mids. I went both to private and public schools there.

The white boys and girls were either nasty to me or treat me like some animal in a zoo. There were boys who hit my head with a footy ball and they just laughed. They were rude, obnoxious and some are just not good at approaching an introvert like me. The irony was that there was this exception of a friend, a white girl of Croatian descent who actually cared about my existence, hung out with me and would listen to even my views on a lot of things - be it philosophy, faith, science or movies. It is no wonder the beta white single males seek out to Asian nations since looking at his own culture, it is bland and lacking much of passion and warmth.

I do not hate white men. I am just never attracted to their looks and culture. Too many look pasty plain. My other relatives back home are also not very interested in white men due to difference in point of views and personality types. The only kind of Filipino women mostly into white guys are those who are not very educated, have extreme inferiority complex about her looks or really want to be social climbers.

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I wonder why you never brought up about actual cultural reasons why these said Filipino women think white is attractive to them? And quite disingenuous that you also never mentioned discrimination and prejudice that darker skinned Filipino girls go through because of this. It is no wonder that these things have been ingrained in us to think that foreigners are always better than our own. In fact, it alienates me.

I have never grown up dreaming about a white guy whose culture and past have slaughtered and enslaved my ancestors. It sounds almost like Stockholm Syndrome. Australia was a penal colony. What can you expect from a people descended from a hardened criminal ancestors? Of course not all them are cruel, nasty and a bully. But a lot of australians are such. What crap!

I admit that we are this mainly Anglo-Celtic enclave in SE Asia, insular as all hell. My people emigrated from Scotland in the s. So I, by bloodlines am three quarters Scots, and one quarter Aborigine. The last time some Pom called me a colonial, I punched him in the mouth.

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But then, my ancestors have always hated the Poms, since Culodden, and that pommy bastard Cumberland. Re: Marriage; divorce is iliegal, your married for LIFE! I am very familiar with family code of PH. They can easily get annulment with not so much of hassle. A Swiss friend married her ex in Zwitzerland and in the Philippines. In his country the divorce is granted long but his file for annulment has been in the court for more than 8 years now.

Coming from the Filipina side, I married a white guy because I think Filipinos are cheaters and would have no second thoughts about having mistresses. Not stereotyping but mainly talking from experience growing up. I am also typically cast into the subservient type as I stay at home while my husband works to provide security. Just having a little fun here. Seriously though, I agree with this article lol. Have a wonderful day! Sorry for broken English. It the new age.

I am a Black man and I met my filipino wife on a filipino dating site. So being a white guy being greeted like a king is obsolete now. Thats the reality and not far from the truth. Because Black man is the Original man.

pity, that now

Read your history books people. White man was grafted from the Black man,But with evil intent by a scientist.

Well! And filipino male hairy pity, that

Just look at how white men tricked people that Jesus was white. no stop! That is not a cultural thing. That is a personality thing. Caucasian guys are very outspoken and do not ask the approval of their parents about life matters.

So, when you date a Western man he is the one to decide that he will marry you, he will not ask his parents. His mum wants to approve of you nevertheless. Western Guys love their food and you must not be surprised if he will never get the taste for real Asian or Filipino food.

Some parts of an animal are not eaten in the Western Society while here that part is considered a delicacy. Western guys always know better. Caucasian guys tend to think they own all wisdom.

And they will argue with you endlessly to get it their way. Western guys usually are very liberal about sex and experimenting in the bed. They are open-minded and progressive when it comes to positions and things done. There will be no shyness. And be prepared to explore new horizons when it comes to sex.

And yes, they do have bigger penisses and yes, they might want to have anal sex occasionally. Western guys are outspoken and have a no-nonsense attitude, for example, they will not be impressed by the silent treatment. They will tell you not to behave like a child. If they have a problem that involves you they will tell you straight up. Western guys get drunk more easily than Filipino men do.

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  That's not true at the new age.I am a Black man and I met my filipino wife on a filipino dating ever I visit there,A crowd of woman,men,and children follow me where ever I go there because they think I'm a rich basketball player,Singer,or a being a white guy being greeted like a king is obsolete cienciapaladina.come most Filipino women listen to R&B and hip-hop music   Most Filipinos in their late teens to thirties prefer doing a little cleaning, but there remains a faction who let go and let grow. At the end of the day, whether you prefer to trim it, shave it, wax it or leave it, whether you choose to ride the wave of body hair acceptance or simply prefer a smooth finish, the choice is one you should have the luxury of making for cienciapaladina.coms: 1

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