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Before becoming a designer, she earned a graduate degree from the London College of Fashion and then went on to work as an international model, for names such as Yves Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani. She even managed to regain power for the third time despite living as a political outcast throughout the s.

Furthermore, she served as Prime Minister right up until August she died in October of the same yearwhen she was an incredible 84 years old. She was also the first woman ever to fly the Tornado A Definitely deserving of a place on the list of inspirational Asian women, this incredible lady has spent most of her political career under house arrest including 15 of the 21 years between and She is chairperson of the National League for Democracy NLD in Myanmar Burmaand an opposition politician.

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She won the Nobel Peace Prize inand in became only the fourth ever person to be made an honorary citizen of Canada. Marie Antoinette, Queen Consort to Louis XVI of France, was unpopular with the French people, and ultimately was executed during the French Revolution.

Mata Hari, one of history's most infamous spies, was executed in by the French for spying for the Germans.

Was she guilty as charged? Jackie Kennedy Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis first came to public attention as the fashionable and graceful wife of John F. Kennedythe 35th president of the United States.

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She served as First Lady from until her husband's assassination inand she later married Aristotle Onassis. Anne Bradstreet, colonial American woman, was America's first poet. Her experiences and writings provide insight into the experience of the early Puritans in New England.

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Louisa May Alcott is best known as author of " Little Women ," and less well known for her service as a Civil War nurse and for her friendship with Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Eudora Welty, known as a Southern writer, was a six-time winner of the O. Henry Award for Short Stories.

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Her many other awards include the National Medal for Literature, the American Book Award, and, ina Pulitzer Prize. Molly Pitcher was the name given in several varying stories about women who fought in the American Revolution. Some of these stories may be based on events that happened to a Mary Hays McCauley, who is most commonly associated with the name "Molly Pitcher," and some may be about a Margaret Corbin.

Molly was a common nickname for "Mary," which was itself a very common name of the time. Joan Baez, part of the s folk revival, is also known for her advocacy of peace and human rights.

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Senora Maria Eva Duarte de Peron, known as Eva Peron or Evita Peron, was an actress who married Argentian Juan Peron and helped him win the presidency, becoming active in politics and the labor movement herself. Lizzie Borden was accused and acquitted of the murders of her father and stepmother. Recent books investigating the murders come to contradictory conclusions. It appears this mystery will never be definitively resolved. Michelle Kwan, a champion figure skater, is remembered by many for her Olympic performances, though the gold medal eluded her.

Billie Holiday born Eleanora Fagan and nicknamed Lady Day was a dazzling jazz singer who came from a tough past and struggled against racial discrimination and her own addictions. Alice Walker, African American novelist and author of "The Color Purple," as well as an activist, depicted sexismracism, and poverty that were met with the strengths of family, community, self-worth, and spirituality.

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Virginia Woolf, a prominent modernist English writer of the early 20th century, wrote many novels and essays, including "A Room of One's Own," an essay asserting and defending women's creative potential. Ayn Rand, mother of objectivism, was, in the words of Scott McLemee, "the single most important novelist and philosopher of the 20th century.

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Or so she admitted with all due modesty, whenever the subject came up. Clara Barton, a pioneering nurse who served as an administrator in the Civil War and who helped identify missing soldiers at the end of the war, is credited as the founder of the American Red Cross.

Jane Fonda, an actress who was the daughter of actor Henry Fonda, was controversial over her Vietnam-era anti-war activities.

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She was also central to the fitness craze of the s. Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Franklin D. Rooseveltwas his "eyes and ears" when he could not travel freely due to his disability. Her positions on issues like civil rights were often ahead of her husband's and the rest of the country.

  Rosie the Riveter was a fictional character who represented the World War II civilian service on the homefront in the factory of many American women. She has come to represent all the industrial women workers in the war effort. After the war, many "Rosies" once again took up traditional domestic roles as housewives and mothers   These women are not just modern academic economists. Several are historical figures who made major contributions to the discipline at a time when female participation was incredibly difficult. Take a look at 13 of the most influential. Edith Abbott The students discuss these women's achievements, and learn some useful vocabulary for talking about social issues. There is then a focus on relative clauses, before the final task of writing about another female hero, using the vocabulary and relative clauses where appropriate. For a minute class the writing stage could be done at home

She was key in establishing the U. Declaration of Human Rights. Susan B. Anthony was the best-known of the "first wave" supporters of women's rights.

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Her long support of women's suffrage helped the movement succeed, though she did not live to see it achieved. Queen Victoria of Great Britain ruled at a time when her nation was a great empire, and her name was given to an entire age. Which Queen Elizabeth is meant in the internet searches? Then there's Queen Elizabeth who was also known as the Winter Queen and a whole lot of others. Florence Nightingale practically invented the profession of nursing. She also brought sanitary conditions to soldiers in wars, at a time when more soldiers typically died of disease than of injuries in battle.

Pocahontas was a real person, not much like the Disney cartoon portrayal of her. Her role in the early English settlement of Virginia was key to survival of the colonists.

Did she save John Smith? Maybe, maybe not. Amelia Earhart, a pioneer aviator aviatrixset many records before her disappearance during an attempt to fly around the world.

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As a daring woman, she became an icon when the organized women's movement had virtually disappeared. Marie Curie was the first well-known woman scientist in the modern world and is known as the "mother of modern physics" for her research in radioactivity.

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She won two Nobel Prizes: for physics and chemistry Shirley Temple Black was a child actress who charmed movie audiences. She later served as an ambassador.

Lucille Ball is best known for her television shows, but she also appeared in dozens of films, was a Ziegfeld Girl, and was a successful businesswoman-the first woman to own a film studio. Hillary Clinton, First Lady as wife to President Bill Clinton -was an attorney and reform advocate before moving to the White House.

She then made history by being elected to the Senate, serving as secretary of state, and twice running for president. During her second run inshe became the first female presidential candidate in U. history to be nominated by a major political party. The story of Helen Keller has inspired millions.

Though she was deaf and blind after a childhood illness, with the support of her teacher, Anne Sullivan, she learned signing and Braille, graduated from Radcliffe, and helped change the world's perception of the disabled. Rosa Parks is best known for her refusal to move to the back of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, and her subsequent arrest, which kicked off a bus boycott and accelerated the civil rights movement.

Maya Angelou, a poet and novelist, is known for her beautiful words and big heart. Harriet Tubman, conductor of the Underground Railroad during the era of enslavement in America, was also a Civil War nurse and spy, and an advocate for civil rights and women's rights.

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Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter whose style reflected Mexican folk culture and her own pain and suffering, both physical and emotional. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, from Yugoslavia, decided early in her life that she had a religious vocation to serve the poor, and went to India to serve. She won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work. Oprah Winfrey, talk show host, is also one of America's most successful businesspeople and a philanthropist.

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Joan of Arc was burned at the stake after she helped restore the King of France to his throne. She was later canonized. Emily Dickinson, who published little during her lifetime and was a noted recluse, revolutionized poetry with her verse.

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Diana, Princess of Wales-known as Princess Diana-captured hearts around the world with her fairy-tale romance, marital struggles, and then an untimely death. Jale Arikan.

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Release date September 1, France. France Greece Turkey.

1. Charli D'Amelio, TikTok Star. 2. Jules LeBlanc, Instagram Star. 3. Ariana Grande, Pop Singer The most famous of current inspirational Asian women is also, incredibly, the youngest, at just 16 years of age. Malala became a worldwide celebrity when she was shot in the head by the Taliban in   An internationally recognized fashion designer and style icon, Victoria Beckham is widely regarded as one of the most powerful women in the UK. She was appointed an OBE for services to the fashion industry in the New Year Honours. Also a popular singer, she was part of the best-selling female group of all time, Spice Girls

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  American swimmer Katie Ledecky won five Olympic gold medals and 14 world championship gold medals, which a record for a female swimmer. She currently holds the world record in women's meter   Ciplak Ciplak. 2h | Drama | 1 September (France) The story of two couples, Ayla and Yadigar and Seher and Huseyin, who know each other on a journey through the secret history of nudity. This journey begins with two women starting nude See full summary.5,5/10 The list of the 10 greatest women in British history was selected by Sally Varlow, author of The Lady Penelope: The Lost Tale of Love and Politics in the Court of Elizabeth I More notable British Women. Mary Wollstonecraft : early feminist, advocate of women's education

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